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Lucky Star [TV]

Lucky Star
Plot Summary

Lucky Star follows the hilarious and mischievous daily lives of four young girls as they move through high school.

About the Show

Lucky Star is an anime adaptation of the comedy four-panel manga series under the same name, created by Kagami Yoshimizu. Produced by Kyoto Animation, the show aired a total of 24 episodes between April 08, 2007 and September 16, 2007. The series also spawned 4 videogames, which were mostly made for handheld devices.


Konata Izumi
Main protagonist and leader of the Lucky Star Crew, Konata Izumi is an outgoing and mischievous tomboy otaku. Although naturally intelligent, she does not take her studies seriously and choose to play her videogames instead. She also likes manga and anime, which might be an influence from his otaku father. In order to fund her hobbies, she works part-time at a cosplay café in Akibahara.

Kagami Hiiragi
Fraternal twin of Tsukasa Hiiragi, Kagami is in some ways similar to Konata. Although appearing to be a tomboy, she also has a sensitive and girly side. She enjoys playing videogames just like Konata, but prefers the side-scrolling shooter over other genres. Despite sharing this same interest, she and Konata are always squabbling and annoying each other. Aside from playing videogames, she also enjoys reading light novels. Unlike Konata, she has an excellent performance in school, and was elected president during her first year.

Tsukasa Hiiragi
Younger twin of Kagami, Tsukasa is the stereotypical klutz and timid girl. She is in the same class as Konata, and both of them usually rely on Kagami to do their homework for them. Although liking the Sgt. Frog series, she is not as fond of anime as Konata or Kagami. She is extremely shy, innocent, and gentle, which leads to others taking advantage of her timid nature.

Miyuki Takara
Extremely well-mannered and polite, Miyuki Takara is the last member of the Lucky Star crew. She is from a wealthy family, and does well on her studies. Most of her classmates rely on her, as she is one of the top students in their classroom. When asked about academic matters, she tends to give elaborate and highly detailed explanations on the spot. This might be a result of her fondness for reading. She is the only one that wears glasses among the Lucky Star crew, and appears less often in the show.

Season Summary

Episode 1: The Girl Who Dashes Off
Konata, Kagami, Tsukasa, and Miyuki are introduced. The series start during the girl’s second year in highschool, and they are engaged in a discussion about chocolate cornets.

Episode 2: Efforts and Results
It is time for the Golden Week. Kagami and Tsukasa has spent the vacation playing together. Unknown to Tsukasa, Kagami has been spending less time on sleep in order to prepare for the coming exams. Konata on the other hand, master of all-nighters, manages to receive an above-average score. Later, she decides to take a part-time job in order to fund her hobbies.

Episode 3: Various People
The girls are engaged in a discussion about twins, and at which classification does Kagami and Tsukasa belong.

Episode 4: A Question of Motivation
Even though exams are fast approaching, Konata spends her time with her usual hobbies. Later, they celebrate Kagami and Tsukasa’s birthday.

Episode 5: The Famous Shooter
It is now time for summer vacation. The Lucky Star crew goes to a festival wearing yukata. Later, Konata plays her online game and obtains a rare item drop.

Episode 6: Fixtures of Summer
The girls, along with Nanako and Yui, decide to spend a fun time at the beach. They stayed longer than expected, as Nanako enjoyed too much and ended up being drunk and unable to drive. After arriving home, the girls discuss cleaning tactics.

Episode 7: Image
The girls are back in school after the summer vacation. As usual, Konata is in trouble with her homework, and the other girls proceed to their regular squabble.

Episode 8: Energetic Despite Not Being Myself
It is time for the athletic festival and each girl has participated in a different competition. Konata is on the one-hundred-meter dash; Kagami is on an eating contest; Tsukasa is on a hurdle race, and Miyuki is on a relay race.

Episode 9: That Feeling
Mid-term exams are coming, and Konata is slacking off with her videogames as usual. Tsukasa asks for help from Kagami, and gets better grades than her last exam. Later, they discuss about blood types and videogames.

Episode 10: Desires
Tsukasa spams Kagami’s phone with text messages due to her over-enthusiasm. Later, the Hiiragi twins get a chance to know more about Konata, and visit her home.

Episode 11: Various Ways to Spend Christmas Eve
Christmas is right around the corner, and the girls discuss about several topics about the season. Konata brings her father a present, which makes the latter very happy.

Episode 12: Let’s Go to the Festival
The girls decide to attend Comiket 71 and a New Year festival.

Episode 13: Delicious Day
The Japanese New Year is almost at the door, and everyone is so excited for the coming holiday. Meanwhile, the girls discuss on New Year traditions practiced by the Japanese people.

Episode 14: Under One Roof
Konata’s cousin Yutaka is introduced, and has started living with her as they will be attending the same school.

Episode 15: I Can’t Suddenly Change
The girls attend a live concert. Later, they prank each other as it is time for April Fools.

Episode 16: Ring
The girls visit Konata at her workplace. Tsukasa was mistaken to be cosplaying, much to her embarrassment.

Episode 17: Base of the Sun
Konata happily celebrates her birthday, mostly because she is now permitted to play adult games.

Episode 18: To Each Her Own
The girls discuss Miyuki’s eyesight, and how Konata is wasting money on her phone. Later, Patricia finds Hiyori’s sketchbook, with a yuri sketch of Yutaka and Minami.

Episode 19: There is Substance in 2-D
Konata and her father discuss about the Gundam franchise, and why it is still so popular. Later at school, Yutaka tries to find out what kind of doujinshis Hiyori draw.

Episode 20: Ways to Spend Summer
Kagami and Konata discuss about Akibahara and otakus. The girls then get together to study during the summer.

Episode 21: Pandora’s Box
The girls go on a trip to Kyoto and later to the offices of Kyoto Animation. Kagami receives a letter from a boy and Konata relentlessly teases her about it.

Episode 22: The Yonder Here
Konata and her father discuss about Kanata, and how much they loved each other.

Episode 23: Delicate Line
Konata and Yutaka get sick, but this does not stop the former from playing her videogames.

Episode 24: To Be Announced
Konata and the gang prepare for the coming school cultural festival. Despite initially refusing the idea, the Lucky Star girls are convinced by Patricia to do a cheerleading routine.

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