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High School Fleet
Because of a shift in tectonic plates around 100 years ago, much of Japan's land area was submerged underwater. To retain Japan's hold on its territory, Coastal Cities sprang up one after another.
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mawa no Kuni no Alice (OVA)
Ryouhei Arisu is a high school student with no ambitions and just wants to escape from what he feels is a meaningless reality. One night when he is with his two friends Daikichi Karube and Chouta Segawa, they see an abnormally large firework shoot into the sky, an event which signals a permanent change in their lives.
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Gi(a)rlish Number
College student Chitose Karasuma is determined not to do boring things as she enters the adult world. To this end, this bad-mannered beauty barges into a facility that trains would-be voice actors and actresses, somehow landing a job at "Number One Produce," a seiyuu agency managed by her older brother, Gojou.
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Tomoe Shiro, a formidable racer with a very promising career, experiments a U-turn when a serious accident puts his life at stake. He recovers miraculously though when his heart is replaced with the engine of his own racing car.
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Hallelujah Overdrive
Asakura Kosame is rejected by the girl he likes. He bought a guitar and created a song solely for the confession on his graduation day in Junior High.
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"Adekan" is a Japanese manga series created and illustrated by mangaka Tsukiji Nao. It has been serialized in the magazine "Wings" since 2007.
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Hachimitsu to Clover
Yuuta, Takumi, and Shinobu share a six-tatami room apartment with no bath. The rent is low and it's perfect for poor college students such as themselves.
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Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha
Third grader Takamachi Nanoha stumbled upon an injured talking ferret after hearing his telepathic cries for help. The ferret turned out to be Yuuno, an archeologist and mage from another world who had accidentally scattered the dangerous Jewel Seeds throughout Earth.
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Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha A's
After the events of the Lost Logia case, Nanoha waits patiently for the day she can reunite with her newfound friend, Fate. Although being an exceptionally powerful mage, Nanoha spends her days normally with her friends on Earth.
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Girls Bravo: Second Season
Small for his age, Yukinari has been bullied and abused by girls all his life. Now in high school, he has developed a rare condition: whenever girls touch him, or even come close, he breaks out in hives.
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Hachimitsu to Clover II
The sequel and final installment to the highly popular series once again delves into the life stories and love lives of Takemoto Yuuta, Mayama Takumi and Morita Shinobu. The story continues where the first season left off, after Takemoto's self-discovery journey around Japan.
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Hayate no Gotoku!!
Hayate Ayasaki's misfortune continues to hand him the short end of the stick. Now settled into his routine at the Sanzenins' mansion and Hakuou Academy, the butler continues to work as hard as ever in caring for his young mistress Nagi while studying the school's grueling curriculum—all on top of trying his best to survive the multitude of troubles that life relentlessly pushes onto him.
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Life goes on at the Wagnaria family restaurant as its peculiar employees try to provide a good service despite their individual eccentricities
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Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai II
Keima Katsuragi, the "God of Conquest," returns to his quest of expelling runaway spirits that have possessed the hearts of women. Still stuck in his contract with the demon Elsie, he must continue to utilize the knowledge he has gained from mastering multitudes of dating simulators and chase out the phantoms that reside within by capturing the hearts of that which he hates most: three-dimensional girls.
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Fate/Grand Order
The story is set in the year 2016, during the final era over which magic still held a strong influence. The humanity survival and security organization Chaldea was established to observe the world that can only be seen by magic and the world that can only be measured by science; as well as to prevent the final extinction of humanity.
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kare baka: wagahai no kare wa baka de R
Ani.me's official listing has the kare baka: wagahai no kare wa baka de R storyline, reviews, and kare baka: wagahai no kare wa baka de R pictures that you need. Get to know everything about this Television Series show.
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Dennou Coil
Ani.me's official listing has the Dennou Coil storyline, reviews, and Dennou Coil pictures that you need. Get to know everything about this Television Series show.
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Touken Ranbu Gakuen
Ani.me's official listing has the Touken Ranbu Gakuen storyline, reviews, and Touken Ranbu Gakuen pictures that you need. Get to know everything about this Manga show.
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Flip Flappers
A normal high school girl makes a new friend who takes her to another reality in a very colorful twist on a magical girl series
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Tenkai Knights
Saving the world isn't easy, but it's the task given to Guren, Ceylan, Chooki and Toxsa after accidentally stumbling through an interdimensional portal. After traveling through space and time, the quartet arrives on the other side -- as Bravenwolf, Tributon, Lydendor and Valom, collectively known as the Tenkai Knights -- in the world of Quarton.
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