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I play 8 but all except 3 are for fun. Flute (main, I've been playing for 5 yrs 6 in oct) piano (don't ask how long bc idek) ukulele, soprano recorder, bells (mini xylophone) snare drum, and I'm a soprano in choir and my range is around B3-D6 give or take one note above or below
Jul 22, 23 at 9:44pm
Who all is going to Anime-Zing? If so, who are you cosplaying as?
Hey, it's me and my friend's first con. We're both 20 and trying to hang with people our age. Hmu on discord @thealmightymuhps if you want to hang. We'll be there all 3 days
Jul 07, 23 at 12:39am
have same question
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