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4 months ago • Make Friends
Jun 01, 22 at 1:49pm
Hi M22 going to anime midwest with some of my friends would love to meet new ppl and hang out have bad social anxiety I cosplay spike spiegel >:) add me on instagram if you want @arghh0z
Hey, hi, hello. I'm going to Anime Midwest this year, last year was so much fun and I met so many nice people. Down side is that I have anxiety and it really do be preventing me from approaching anyone, so if anyone my age is going and would like a golden retriever to befriend, please. feel free to message me
5 months ago • Make Friends
Anyone looking for friends? Anyone on Telegram? Hit me up there @blazeitbear
Hi,I'm Mattie and would love to make new friends around my age.
I bought a ticket for Anime Midwest but I can't find any email confirmation of my purchase. Did anyone else not get a purchase confirmation email? I already sent an email to support but wanted to reach out to the community.
Hi I'm looking for friends as well
Dec 28, 21 at 12:58pm
Not sure if your situations are still this dire and terrible, but know that you two both have my respect. I wish I could do something more to help the both of you out. :(
Dec 28, 21 at 12:54pm
I'd love to visit Japan someday when it's financially viable for me to do so. I am studying Japanese on Duolingo for the meantime so that I can more easily understand things there when the time comes.
10 months ago • Introductions
Dec 06, 21 at 11:31pm
I've been there bloodra. If you have it available to you, I would seriously recommend taking some time to get some therapy. It helped me gain some confidence in myself and feel less afraid to be myself around others. Maybe it can help you out too!
10 months ago • Introductions
Dec 06, 21 at 11:15pm
Hi, all! I'm Josh, but my online alias has been Joosh since I started using the internet in 2009. I'm a 25-year-old weeb from Indiana. I've had a growing interest in Japanese culture and anime since 2015, but I'm just now getting around to joining the Ani.me community. I've recently taken a liking to Hololive, and the V-tubing community in general. I found it at a difficult time in my life, and it's been one of the things that has helped me find a little bit of confidence in myself, and joy. So, with that said, hello!
about 1 year ago • Introductions
Sep 10, 21 at 11:17pm
Hello this is my first time on this site I mainly got this account because I’m attending anime Midwest 2022 I’m just here to say Hi
Has anyone ever ran a panel at a con before? It doesn't even have to be something spectacular, I'd still count it if you had 5 minutes of prep time. Got any good stories from it, or even stories from a panel that you saw at previous cons?
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