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Jun 25, 21 at 1:52am

I'm going as hunson abadeer and my daughter will marceline, if u wanted to hang with me and my friends at the con around 10:30pm


What's the after dark adult friendly scene like?

Jun 23, 21 at 11:08pm

I didn’t see a Haikyuu!!! Meetup on the schedule, but I was hoping to still meet a lot of Haikyuu!! fans and possibly take groups photos. I’ll cosplaying fem Noya and would love to meet other fans. If your interested, maybe we could set up a sort of meetup of our own!

ko4 @ko4 commented on Covid policy
Jun 23, 21 at 11:00pm

I’m staffing the consweet this year, so I know it will be open! I’m not totally sure about the formal ball, but since it’s on the schedule, I’d assume it’s on. I’m planning on going to the ball, so maybe I’ll see u there :)


Hey my friend and I have a room at the Double Tree and we're looking for roomies if ur interested :)


My friend and I have a room at the Double Tree for Anime Midwest next month and have room for up to three more people, if anyone is still looking. We only ask that you help split the room cost with us. :)


Are you still looking for roomies? My friend and I have a room at the Double Tree and have room for up to three more :)

Jun 03, 21 at 1:50pm

Hi there! Where I can find info about meetups for the anime midwest? I just joined the FB group but I haven't see any info about that. My husband and I will be Deidara and Tobi on Saturday... Other akatsuki members out there?


Do we have to purchase tickets for ICP separately from purchasing the weekend passes? It seems implied in their Facebook post.. Wondering if this sold out.


Sooo will the rave or consweet be happening now that restrictions in Illinois has loosened up?

May 16, 21 at 1:17pm

Alright, thanks!

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