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Anime Midwest question:

Feb 15, 23 at 2:27pm
Have missed AMW the last few years, really looking forward to getting back there! Question: Will there be any +18 content Doujinshi dealers at the dealer's room? Or is that prohibited as a family friendly advertised convention? Really hoping there will be. Thank you for any staff response.
Feb 20, 23 at 2:33pm
I'm pretty sure Anime Midwest has doujin dealers, they make you show an ID before you can look at anything 18+. They have some 18+ events like the Burlesque show but these are late at night and IDs are checked.
Feb 20, 23 at 9:03pm
Thank you for the answer! Staff got back to me also. Looking forward to seeing folks there and getting back to the con scene.
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