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Rule Question

May 11, 21 at 5:25pm

Heyo! I've never been to a con of any kind but I'm going to Anime Midwest this year! Just a quick question about props, though. I want to cosplay as Haku from Naruto. Would it be ok if I used knitting needles as his needles? Or should I just not have needles for the cosplay? I want to make sure so I don't get too attached to the idea, you know?

May 14, 21 at 5:48pm

you'll be fine if u hide them in a pocket or a bag before security sees you, after you pass the entrance they won't chase you down. swords are usually taken away I saw a dude lose a lightsaber cause it was heavy I think it was like glass and metal.

May 15, 21 at 8:24am

Oh ok! So after I pass security, it won't matter?

May 15, 21 at 12:21pm

Yea after the gate anythings fair game

May 16, 21 at 1:17pm

Alright, thanks!

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