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Will Midwest be Happening????

Does anyone know if anime midwest will be happening as usual for 2021? should i buy my hotel???? Whats the plan???
I have a feeling that COVID-19 vaccines will be in widespread use by the time Anime Midwest 2021 will come around. I've heard that TicketMaster will require people to submit proof that they have vaccinated before they will be allowed at events. Anime Midwest and other such conventions may require vaccinations (not official, just speculation). This con is in Illinois, as such this may be the only way they can legally and safely have the con. My friend group got our room, because they will sell out at the Hyatt in a few weeks. But I believe that Hyatt's refund policy is that they won't charge you for cancellations until 48 hours before check-in. And because of the cancellations due to covid, they've been more lenient with cancellations. Personally, I'd probably get the room pretty soon if I were you. Their cancellation policy doesn't seem so bad and I'm hopeful that we will have our stuff together at that point.
Sorry, Ticketmaster will not require vaccination proof for attending events, but that may not stop Anime Midwest from requiring them.
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