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18+ Hetalia panel. Looking for a couple more panelists

Hey guys! I submitted a panel a couple months ago for Anime Midwest 2020 and I'm looking for some panelists. If you are interested, please message me! Please note that this panel might not get accepted but we need to be prepared for if it does get accepted. And if it does I will repost this with the time of when the panel is. I will let you guys know if it does not get accepted as well. YOU NEED TO BE 18 OR OVER AND OKAY WITH DOING THE STUFF THAT CAN GO ON AT AN 18+ PANEL! I will keep in touch with the people who would like to be on the panel/ already on the panel so that if you decide to opt out before Midwest, I will know so I don't worry about you guys if you don't show up. Now you can choose any country that is not already taken, even Nyo's. Except for the 2p's. Please do not repeat countries. (Ex. Nyo England and regular England). Countries already taken: Nyo England France Spain Prussia
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