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my family hurting me

hello people and friends, I have been crying for the few hours because my family is fat-shaming me, and calling me a slut and a disappointment to my family honor, and that I should live and never come back. and I need someone to talk to because I feel so lonely right now and I dont know what to do, mean its nothing new I have been dealing with this for 17 years so its nothing new, unless you want to count the scars on my arm. everything was fine when the holidays came around but then when the holidays were over my started fat-shaming me and calling me names, and i even deal with this at school. it's like anywhere i go people hate and dislike me.
I know how you feel. I have now been in foster care for 4 years and its hard. being judged for being yourself, know I'm going threw a great depression and everyone around me is calling me fat and lazy. Life is hard and all I can do right this minute this second is to cover the scars, wipe the tears smile and go on with my day. So to those who feel like there is no one out there who understands what your going threw I am here and I will listen and please hear me out too.
Dec 28, 21 at 12:58pm
Not sure if your situations are still this dire and terrible, but know that you two both have my respect. I wish I could do something more to help the both of you out. :(
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