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Accepting Panelists!! Do you want to be on a panel?


Hello everyone,

I am running several panels, and we have a few open spots if you would like to join one!! The open panels are all singalong panels, including the Steven Universe Movie:

Musical Medley (Friday 3pm)
Sad Boy Theatre Time (Friday 9pm)
Musical Medley (Reprise) (Saturday 11am)
Way Down Hadestown (Saturday 4pm)
RENT Singalong (Saturday 8-9:20pm)
Steven Universe: The Movie: The Singalong (Sunday 3pm)

If you are interested, you could respond here, but it is much more likely I will get your message if you DM my Instagram @GeekeryBunny or email me mistrywafl@gmail.com.

Thank you,


Do you have to be in a Steven universe cosplay to be in the steven universe one?

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