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Anime Cafe

Aug 19, 19 at 9:27am

Thinking about starting an Anime Cafe sandwich shop in the Schaumburg area. It will also be a retail shop. is this a yes or no thing? workers will be in cosplay!

Aug 21, 19 at 4:55am

It's an interesting idea. You might want to start a poll or solicit college campuses, or find a way to gage interest in something like that. I think it'd be fun, but there's a lot to know about food inspections, employment, and advertising. It's a cool idea. I think it might be good to find out if a specialized restaurant like that would get enough people.

Maybe it could be something to attract tourists? Schaumberg's not too far from Chicago. I can't remember if the Metra goes out there or not.

It's a really cool concept! Sandwiches and books/manga work well together :3

darkwindham commented on Anime Cafe
Aug 21, 19 at 8:21pm

working on it!!! coffee dessert and sandwich shop. it will be in the schaumberg area!

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