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Thinking about starting an Anime Cafe sandwich shop in the Schaumburg area. It will also be a retail shop. is this a yes or no thing? workers will be in cosplay!
It's an interesting idea. You might want to start a poll or solicit college campuses, or find a way to gage interest in something like that. I think it'd be fun, but there's a lot to know about food inspections, employment, and advertising. It's a cool idea. I think it might be good to find out if a specialized restaurant like that would get enough people. Maybe it could be something to attract tourists? Schaumberg's not too far from Chicago. I can't remember if the Metra goes out there or not. It's a really cool concept! Sandwiches and books/manga work well together :3
working on it!!! coffee dessert and sandwich shop. it will be in the schaumberg area!
Oct 01, 19 at 3:28am
I'm out in South Elgin but would for sure drive out there for this. Be sure to let us know the name of the place so we can all come visit and support your place. I don't think there is an anime fan in the world who would not go to a place like this if it was near them. As someone who went to 4 Maid cafes in Japan, DM me if you would like a westerners opinion on things
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