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Planning for Midwest 2020

So I'm planning for Anime Midwest 2020, and for this year, I want to bring along a group of friends. I've done a little bit of research and I get the consensus that it is generally discouraged to turn a hotel room into a refugee camp, but since my friends and I are still con newbies, we have no other choice but to take that route, so if any veterans have experience, instructions, or just general advice reserving rooms at the Hyatt hotel for groups, it would be would be greatly appreciated. We plan to have 4-6 people.
We went to Gen Con in 2016 and had five people in the room. They ran out of cots, so we were prepared with our blow-up bed (there were two king beds in the room, but we let our single friend have one of them...he was closer to the snoring couple XD) Also, we brought a little fan from home for white noise, just in case the friends snored. And they did. We were glad we had it! We also brought cheap earplugs. Coolers might also be a good idea, if you're bringing some of your own food, but if you're in one room, I wouldn't over do it...gotta make sure there's space for all ;) I'm going to be at Con Alt Delete on business this year, so I reserved my room immediately. There's only going to be myself and possibly my partner, but I should warn you from past experience: rooms fill fast. So if you guys are going to be at the convention hotel, I'd make sure everyone pitches in and reserves the room as soon as you're sure everyone's got their tickets. Or at the very least, don't wait until last minute :D That's been our experience. I've been to A-Cen a couple times, and my friend who coordinated those events for our group always suggested the same thing, which is why I do it. He's a veteran con-goer ;) Hope you all have a great time!!
get there early man!!! get the hotel room as soon as possible and just have fun it really isn't that bad just get a room as early as possible and don't be too loud oh if you have a big group bring a cot or some tye of bed cause there will be no space also the rooms are kinda small so that sucks also BRING SNACKS snaks are always good ps dominos is open util like 12 am so if you want pizza order dominosss
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