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Take my room at the Renaissance hotel!


Alright so I got myself into a kinda bad situation. I can no longer attend Anime Midwest this year and I already have a room booked at The Renaissance Hotel. Check in is Friday and Checkout is Sunday. I was going to cancel the reservation, but I waited too long and now it costs $129 to cancel. I’d rather not pay that and not even get anything for it. If someone would like to take my room I’d be happy to give it away. The total for the weekend is $302.89. It is a very nice hotel, it is not on site of the convention but it is nearby, 8-10min drive. If you can’t pay the full $303 let me know what you can do and I will cover the rest as long as it’s not more than $129. I’d just prefer someone gets to use the room as opposed to me paying the $129 cancellation fee and no one even staying there. If you are interested or if you have questions or I don’t respond here quick enough you can email me at eric@oberfrancs.com Thanks guys, I hope I can help one of you out with a room!

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