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Meeting & pictures with guests


Hey all, this isn’t my first time at a con but it’s my first time for both going to midwest and going to a signing for a guest. Is taking pictures with the guests allowed, and if it is do you have to pay for it? Along with that when’s the best time to start getting in line for autographs, around an hour before or so? Thanks in advance!

Jun 26, 19 at 5:48pm

Hey there! This is a bit of a late response and you may have found the answer already- Yes! Photos with guests are usually allowed, although sometimes they will stop you if there are on a time crunch. As for paying, that's usually up to the guest. Most guests allow free photos but will limit you to what you can have signed, only letting you go past the limit if you buy their items.

As for how early that's a bit harder, it's different for each guest due to popularity differences. I would say at least half an hour before the signing if you're worried the line will be long.

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