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Looking for roommates at the Crown Plaza


Hey guys, I'm looking for 2 to 3 people to room with me at anime Midwest. I booked the room for the 4th-7th because I'm staff and I have to be there to set up, etc. If you're interested feel free to message here and add me on Facebook. My facebook is Stephan Yama San Dilworth. The sooner you guys message me, the better.


So, I am curious about rooming with you, if that would be possible, since I am running 4 panels during the event. Do you mind if I ask what the terms/conditions of rooming would be?


Hi there. Yes, terms and conditions are simple. I'm really looking for people that won't flake or other words drop out. I'm looking for roommates that are fun, down to earth and people that emit positive energy. Its currently me and my gf atm you're the first to reply


Hello there i am interested and can message you over FB


Interested and already here!

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