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Anyone wanna be friends?


Title basically explains it. I'm bored and lonely looking for fellow weebs to talk about anime with.

DarkShadowArtist @dark_shadow_artist commented on Anyone wanna be friends?
DarkShadowArtist @dark_shadow_artist
Jun 29, 19 at 7:36pm

Hey man, I’ll be your friend


You guys still looking for a friend it's my first con so I'm looking for friends to talk about anime with


I'll be your freind! dude dm me if you guys go to cons cause like i go with freinds but i wanna meet new freinds you know


going to C-A-D. DM for a chat or just say hi to me at the con and we can chat for hours, I always want more friends to game with. Look for Riker (Star Trek).


Let's be friends :D

Rin @pinkjellybeans commented on Anyone wanna be friends?
Rin @pinkjellybeans
Dec 23, 19 at 9:26pm

hey >.> message me for an awkward, quirky friend.


hey yall looks like we all finally noticed that we are lonely and is needing of friends so hook me up as well with this awkward friendship that we are creating


yeah i'm super bored on here besides binging anime dm me lol


Count me in...!!!!

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