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Rewr O.O

sheebus started Rewr O.O
Apr 19, 19 at 5:55am

Hey y'all. my name is Daniel. Trying to reach out to you folks; Aiming to attend AM2020, I know it's early but I have a lot of planning to do. I'm hoping to bring 3 friends from all over the country (Not on my tab, luckily, haha.) I'm hoping to connect with some people to figure out a good estimate of what I should expect to spend aside from badge and hotel costs for one (Myself) so I can have a projection for the rest of my friends. If anyone has information that is need-to-know please feel free to drop me a line. I would appreciate any help i can get! Expect my spam to be lingering in the future :p Thanks again, folks!

DotPlusDot commented on Rewr O.O
Apr 25, 19 at 9:51pm

Well, it depends on how much of a collector weeb you are.

My friend managed to use over $250 USD at I can't recall if it was AM2018 or not.

sheebus commented on Rewr O.O
Apr 26, 19 at 9:54am

I would probably buy a couple of things as momentos but I doubt most things will be in my price range and size. I'm 6'4" and over 300 pounds XD Life is funny that way :p But yeah I just wanna make sure I have enough for some decent food, and to be comfy while I'm there.

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