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Cosplaying for the AnimeMidwest 2018 question

Quick question about cosplaying in this convention: When is a good day to wear your cosplay costume for a 3-day convention such as this? 1st day? 2nd day? 3rd day? All 3 days with the same costume? Your opinions and suggestions will greatly be appreciated. (^_^)v
I would think Saturday would be the most people as it is the weekend and its the longest day the convention is open I believe and Sunday is when everything closes early and then the closing ceremony. That's just what I think you do what you want and hope you have fun there! (I'm usually there so I just used my experience)
I see. So it's not a thing for people to wear the same costume again the following day then?
You can totally wear the same cosplay all three days if you want
I'll probably be wearing casual Friday, then the cosplay costume on Saturday and if possible, Sunday. I haven't really finished making the whole attire up, but I'd be a little bit sad if I can only wear once after spending so much effort to doing it. ^_^
i ware mine all 3 days unless it gets dirty or i dont feel like it. normaly just for a few hrs each day.
I usually wear 3-5 cosplays each day. But I also run a lot of panels so that's a big part of why I change so much.
Saturday's are usually the best days to go all out because that is when there will be the most people. Me personally, I usually do a slice of life character on a Friday, then all out for the last two days.
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