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Any Naruto Cosplayers going to Midwest?

I'm going to anime midwest on Saturday as Temari and I would love to meet and see fellow Naruto cosplayers and take some pics <3
Hi There, I will be doing Kakashi :) , first time going to the con so kind of nervous
I'm still not sure what day I'm going because they haven't announced what days Steve Blum will be there, but I'll be going as Zabuza and I'd love to meet up with other Naruto cosplayers. If I'm there Saturday I'd be happy to meet up for some pictures
I'll be Sasuke on Friday!
I'm going as Kakashi so I definitely want to find you Zabuza and Sasuke! There's a Naruto meetup on Friday at 6:30pm fyi
As well as fellow Kakashi lady_darkside88! Don't be nervous, it's all fun! This is my second con, I felt the same way the first time
How does badge pick up work?
pickup Thursday is the best day ... lines are long for the badge pickup!
I'll be cosplaying as sasuke on Friday
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