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Well what do you know? Another New Person!

Hello! I'm Rainboss and I am too shy to chat with anyone :( so I thought I'd do something to make friends until I get my courage up! So, hello! My favorite Anime is Clannad, my favorite manga is Black Butler, and I love video games, and Youtube, and my favorite Youtube channel is The Game Theorists.
This account has been suspended.
Hey girl same, wanna be friends? I'm new on here too lol
Hey,am also a new member for this site. One of my favorite animes is Higurishi. And while I am somewhat sociable, I surprisingly don't have many friends into anime, weird now I think about it.
I used to be vary introverted back in school. I could never be in a large crowd of people or I would freak out so i know where you are coming from. even today i still dont like being around people because most of them are lame, thats why i always go to Anime con every year, to see and meet new and normal people lol. But it is hard to actually meet someone at con, there is so much going on and so many people are still introverted that most of your conversations with people will be short and in passing. this will be my 4th time at this CON.
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