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Is This convection okay to bring a 6th grader to this convention?

My niece absolutely loves Anime. I wanted to surprise her with tickets for Christmas, but people have been telling me this convention may be a little to adult for her. Do you think it's okay to take a 6th grader here. Well she will be going into 7th grade when this convention happens. Thanks!
Hello! To answer your question, these conventions are perfectly fine for a 7th grader. My first time at a convention was 4 years ago in 7th grade actually. As long as she stays with an adult or someone her age she should be fine. Inappropriate panels are usually rated and checked so on the list they appear as "13+" or "18+" Some people may not wear the most appropriate things but that happens at every convention and at these conventions the staff regulates what can be worn on their costumes so nothing out-of-this-world extremely bad will be worn. This convention should be completely fine for a girl her age. I hope this helped and I hope you'll allow her to attend the convention! Have a good day!
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