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Watcha watching?

So what current anime are you guy's watching? Is it a new anime that is coming out this season or an older one? I am currently watching a lot of animes that are coming out this season such as: Attack on Titan S2, My hero Academia, Rokudenashi Majutsu Koushi to Akashic Records, Boruto and a couple others.
I'm watching Hakuoki, which I think is WAY too underrated, I just finished Inu X Boku SS, and I just started SAO!
May 20, 18 at 1:33am
I just finished Haikyu!! S1- 3 and Yuri!! On Ice... and I just couldn’t wait for their next seasons! Waaaaaaa
just finished no game no life xD and one piece lol finally xD
I'm going through Tokyo Ghoul & One Punch Man again. Any suggestions?
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