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Lets make a topic

Alright! Lets try to get this page going. What got you all into watching anime and what was your first anime?
It would have Astroboy Early 70's then Starblazer and Battle of the Planets in 80-81 then BGC in 1989 and from there warp speed.
Sailor Mooooon.
Feb 12, 17 at 2:36am
Dragonball and saint seiya, my father was quite fond of both and encouraged my interest
My first anime was Sailor Moon. My favorite sailor scout is Saturn and I even have a sailor moon poster in my room. My favorite anime is Danganronpa and I would like to host a panel for that.
Feb 26, 17 at 8:25pm
I'd enjoy a danganronpa panel
Mar 22, 17 at 3:07pm
I first watched Dragon Ball Z back in college and have been hooked ever since.
Do you think you'd like to help out, jsurge2?
My first anime was SAO, I watched it because I saw the abridged series on youtube. My current favorite is My Hero oof
I can`t remember for sure what my first anime was. I basically was raised by anime.
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