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Official Haikyuu Q&A Panel

I will be running a Haikyuu Q&A panel at Anime Midwest 2017! We will be answering audience questions, truth/dares and speed dating! Maybe even play some volleyball! The panel is PG-13 so ages 13+ can apply to be a panelist! The panel will be anime cast only (no manga only characters) and no gender-bended characters. Official uniforms are preferred but definitely not required! I would like the group to look put together. Currently we have a Nishinoya, Kuroo, Sugawara, Tsuuki, Hinata and Kiyoko. We would like to have as many Karasuno members as possible, as well as other Nekoma, Aobajosai, Fukurodani and Shiratorizawa members! But you can apply to be any character you’d like!! If you would like to become a panelist for this Q&A, send your answers to the following questions to zcosplayinc@gmail.com Name: Facebook/Skype (or other method of contact you check regularly) Age (as of July-7-2017): Character: Attached photo of your cosplay. *If I have multiple applications for the same character, I will have each person either Skype with me OR send a video to me of them answering questions AS their character. If you have any questions, please comment below or email zcosplayinc@gmail.com
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