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In-Panel Plays: Just Crazy Enough to Work?

This might sound crazy but I was wondering how feasible it would be to perform a play in the timespan of a panel. This thread is less about the costs of doing something like this would be (Which, of course, would vary depending on the company and the script) and more so about how good of an environment a panel room would be. Do you think a play could hold the attention of those in attendance? Do you believe that a panel stage could be easily modified to fit a scene? And, most importantly, do you believe that there are people out there that'd be willing to take part in something as off-the-walls as this? Leave your answers in the thread below!
Yeah man, but not really a play, more like skits. Something as coherent as a play would be difficult unless you were going for something almost comedic, as the scenes would have to be simple, and the sets would have to be equally simple.
Skit would be the way to go on something as far as a Panel goes and if possible keep the skit centered around the topic so that way Audience participation for questions and such.
I've seen some really neat panels where they will do a reenactment of sorts for various plot points, just make sure your script involves some form of audience participation and it should be captivating.
You should check out Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind! It's been done at conventions before and it would be perfect for something like this! I'm willing to help out!
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