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You should visit Japan.

Oct 13, 16 at 11:50pm
1. It's clean. 2. It's friendly. 3. There's everything there. 4. Giant robots. 5. Umami Food.
Mar 09, 17 at 1:14am
6. Tall Japanese boys >//////< kyaa!!~
Apr 12, 17 at 4:00pm
TALL? Where, lol.
Jul 05, 17 at 9:19pm
Small input from a British guy who lives in Tokyo. 1. yeah it's remarkably clean, especially as there's hardly any trash cans around. 2. As a tourist yes the Japanese are incredably polite and friendly...but it's another situation if you ever need to do anything involving burocracy and paperwork as a foreign resident... 3.You can buy nearly everything you can in the states, and most of it is cheaper too (not to mention the McDonald's sell teriyaki burgers)...just be wary that fruit and decent meat are stupidly expensive. 4. The giant robot is gone for now, but they're building a new one near the end of the year. 5. Yes 6. I'm around 1m79cm which is the top end of average out there, but depending on you're definition of tall it could be like finding a shiny pokemon. I'm also gonna add a 7. All you can eat and drink for 2 hours in an Izakaya and it costing less than $20
Dec 28, 21 at 12:54pm
I'd love to visit Japan someday when it's financially viable for me to do so. I am studying Japanese on Duolingo for the meantime so that I can more easily understand things there when the time comes.
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