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Lets make a topic


Mine is sailor moon. ^_^

Mar 01, 18 at 8:53pm

I was online looking at websites, and some people mentioned some anime, which got me into them. I was watching tv, and in cartoon network, usually around 8pm at Saturday night, I will stay up to watch anime. The first anime I watched was Akame Ga Kill, though, It's such a great anime. I love it so much.


I don't remember but currently my favorite anime is Death Parade and Black Butler.


My first anime was Dragon Ball Z, but that was back when I didn't know what anime was, so I personally don't count it, so my "official" first anime was Princess TuTu


Pokemon and then the 4Kids One Piece. But what got me to watch sub anime's was Bleach.

Dec 23, 18 at 9:05am

Whoever likes Attack In titan hit me up

Jan 20, 19 at 2:54pm

how can i refund my ticket ..


I think mine was Full Metal or One Piece but I can't remember. I only really got into it when my friend made me watch Sailor Moon lol


Oh gosh, the first one that I knew was anime was Fruits Basket, back in middle school.

Feb 25, 19 at 5:55pm

I think my first anime was Black Butler but I don't even remember

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