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Rurouni Kenshin [Manga]

Rurouni Kenshin
Plot Summary

From Viz:

140 years ago in Kyoto, with the coming of the American “Black Ships,” there arose a warrior who, felling men with his bloodstained blade, gained the name Hitokiri , man slayer! His killer blade helped close the turbulent Bakumatsu era and slashed open the progressive age known as Meiji . Then he vanished, and with the flow of years, became legend.

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If you didnt like the ending to samurai x the ova series, PLEASE READ VOLUMES 18 TO 28 OF THIS MANGA!!! Even watsuki was upset how samurai x reflections was handled. He actually had togive Iit a new ending, but it doesnt change much. Honestly id stick with the manga. And dont mistake samurai x for rurouni kenshin the anime either. Those are separate adaptations of the same series and have different endings, neither accurate but hey its filler. Dont get me wrong, samurai x trust and betrayal tell kenshin's origin in a very realistic way, very compelling. But the way they handled the characters in samurai x reflections ironically does not reflect the characters in the series at all. The manga is true blue. It gives kenshin the ending he deserves. Also the manga is littered with artwork of several artists who worked with nobuhiro watsuki at the time including hiroyuki takeiwho made shaman king, eichiro oda who made one piece, and obata who did the artwork for deathnote, hikaru no go, and bakuman. This is like the dream team that made chrono trigger for snes! Having read watsuki's other works however, they dont hold a candle to his original series. Theres even a few early versions of kenshin in stories inbetween the first handful of volumes. Watsuki did remake rurouni kenshin for the live action trilogy that aired in japan recently, enough for 2 volumes with a new bonus story telling the origin story of shishio makoto! The highlight of this is definetly jin-e kurogasa. In the new manga he gets sort of an upgrade, I dont want to spoil it. I definetly wasnt expecting it! Very exciting!
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