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Last online almost 6 years ago
Wampanoag Native American/Irish
Practices Muay Thai
Short Dark Hair
Light Brown eyes
Average build
Neutral Evil
My name is Peter.

I have no kids, I have never been to jail, I do not live with my parents/ I live on my own, I have 2 jobs, I don't own a car though, I can cook and bake well and I know how to change diapers. I'd prefer to talk about anything that could be found in a profile rather than find it on a profile. For me it helps break the ice. I'm looking for someone that doesn't take life super seriously and is ok with having fun once the adulting is out of the way. I'm working on perfecting my art and having it become more well known. I also work as a PCA. When I'm not doing these things or playing MMO's I babysit for my youngest sister while she attends college. Soon i'll be trying to teach myself C++ and Python for the use of 3D animation and because I feel it could be a useful skill to know.

I greatly enjoy card games. Anything from a friendly game of Poker to MtG. I also enjoy playing the pokemon video game competitively. I don't have much experience with table top rpgs but it's something I'd like to do more...as long as I don't have to be GM/DM. I'm a casual fan of anime, as in there are some I really like, others are just ok, and I don't feel the need to constantly rave about every single one that comes out. I do "ship" anime characters but it's not important enough for me to argue over. One of my favorite hobbies is playing chess.

I'm not just nerdy, I have a great respect for nature, and I enjoy sports. I like going on walks, exploring places I haven't been, and playing in wooded areas. However ticks bother me and I've been followed by coyotes twice, so while I love nature, the wildlife there loves me too much. I like playing and watching football, basketball, soccer, tennis and volleyball, and occasionally like watching baseball. I also know Muay Thai and love all forms of Martial Arts.

I have a love/hate relationship with Science. Mostly Quantum Physics, Physics in general, and Astronomy. These subjects fascinate me to no end but the more I learn the more I find myself taking up an existential or metaphysical nihilistic view point. I also enjoy literature, both reading it and writing. My favorites are usually epic poems like The Epic of Gilgamesh or Beowulf, but I enjoy more modern pieces like The Dark Tower, or Odd Thomas. I used to write a lot of poems and scripts, but lately most of my writing is roleplay or fanfic.

I guess my religious views are comparable to Unitarianism/Universalism. I do not have a set religion and I'm ok with what ever happens to me after I die because of it. I'm open to talking about religion as long as the other person is ok with the fact that I will not change my stance, in fact I enjoy learning about other's beliefs and do not contest that they might be right. I'm fairly new to politics, so I'm not certain if I have a party I commit to or if my views go against them entirely. What is important to me in politics is each individual not losing their sense of agency or freedom to govern their body, free speech for all even if some don't agree with what's being said (or who's saying it), equal and fair taxation, fair pay for labor done, and a more effective way for government and private business' to interact that leads to less corruption on both ends.

I've found that there is no "ideal person" for me. I don't care about body size, political/religious views, introvert/extrovert, indoor/outdoor person, cat or dog lover, if you have the entire dictionary memorized or can't spell cat, if you slept with more people than fingers and toes or if you're saving yourself for the right person, rich or poor, live right next to me or in a country I've never heard of or any of the various this or that thing. I want to do new things and things I enjoy with someone. Everything else is just cool stuff I'll get to learn about that someone along the way. However, I am only attracted to women. I find Transwomen to be attractive and lovely people, but I could never get over the fact that they were once a man. I am truly sorry to any Transwomen interested in me, but I just wouldn't be able to stop myself from fretting about it. I'm open to learning more to see if this is just outdated thinking or a preference. That said I fully accept the trans community and would enjoy making friends who could help expand my understanding of their community.

For years I would watch and listen to others. Over those years I've gotten good at reading between the lines and spotting the lies others tell. I know the things you aren't saying by the things you do say. I almost never point lies out though, I just pretend like I believe the lies I've been told. It's easier to play dumb than to be smart in this world.

I don't care what you're like, how others view you, or how you view yourself, I like you how you are. I want to see where your choices lead you, who you will ultimately become and what you have to offer this world. To me, you hold the most value.

I spent a good portion of my life thus far taking care of my family. I had left home at 18 and moved back in at 19 to take care of my step dad who had primary progressive MS, and when he became so ill our home wasn't safe for him, I stayed longer to help my mother pay for our family home. When my dad passed and my family home got taken by the bank I lived with my sister and babysat her kids while she and her bf at the time worked. Now I'm helping my youngest sister babysit her kids while she attends college and her husband pays their bills. I'm devoted to the well being of my family. So far the costs of my devotion have been worth it.

I have no intentions of moving away from my home town for a long distance relationship. Should one happen, I'm certain I could provide living arrangements and long term but temporary stability and the funds to return the other person home for visits or for good should things not work out, better than if I were to move to someone. I've moved away in the past because I felt it would be easier for me to cut direct ties with family and friends, but it resulted in unstable living conditions. Should a person seek a long distance relationship with me, keep this in mind.

I originally joined MO looking for someone to share my time with. I'm still looking. I don't care if that someone is a friend or a lover, but I'm tired of doing everything alone. I may come off as a bit odd or overly excited but for the most part I'm a sensible and relaxed person so feel free to message me.

I leave this site sometimes when either I'm convinced I won't find what I'm looking for here yet, or when I don't get along with the majority of the community. I really like this site though so I always end up coming back. If you really want to get to know me, scroll through my activity for the last few years. I've hung out and chatted with some of this sites coolest members, and it's neat to see how the community and I have changed over the years. I miss all those members who helped stave of the loneliness back then.

I like talking with people but sometimes I'm not sure if a new person I'm talking with is bad at making conversation or if they're no longer interested in talking. I may try to continue the conversation but if it continues to go no where I'll just stop and assume the person isn't interested.
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