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Tricks which you can use on Apple Watch Series

Undoubtedly, the Apple company is the leader in the world market. iPhone applications such as apple call recorder or photo processing have been in the forefront for years. Find more about your watch:

1. Advance the Clock Five (or more) Minutes
Although the Apple Watch is synchronized with the Internet to always have the clock at the exact time, there are people who tend to have their clocks advanced to arrive at the sites earlier. For them, the Apple Watch has an option to advance the real-time of the clock by the minutes you want.

On Apple Watch, go to the Settings app. Scroll down a bit and click on the Clock option. Now, give the +0 min that appears in Advance the hour that the clock shows. Choose how many minutes you want to advance the clock time.

2. Find your iPhone using the Apple Watch
You always wear the watch on your wrist, so you will not be separated from it. What you can leave behind somewhere, even under a cushion at home, is the iPhone. Therefore, the Apple Watch has a function to make an alarm sound on the mobile and thus be able to find it.

On the main screen of the Apple Watch, swipe from bottom to top
You will enter a control center screen. Click on the button with a vibrating mobile icon. An alarm will sound on your iPhone for you to find it.

3. Change The Text Size
If you don’t see the size of the letters on the clock correctly, or if you think they are too big and you want to change the size anyway, you have a solution. The Apple Watch allows you to change the size of the font to make it smaller or larger according to your needs. You can also make them bold to make them look better.

On Apple Watch, go to the Settings app. Go to Screen and brightness.
Give the option Text size. You will go to a menu where you can adjust the font size. In Display and brightness, under Text size, you will see a Bold option that you can activate.

4. Turn it Into a Table Clock While it Charges
You will have to charge your Apple Watch daily, at least until Apple manages to extend its autonomy significantly. However, the watch does include a mode that can come in handy while charging it by turning it into a table clock. Have you noticed that when you touch its screen while charging, a clock appears that turns if you put it horizontally? Well, it will be like that all the time, and it will even act as an alarm.

On Apple Watch, go to the Settings app. Click on General. Once inside, activate the “Table Clock” Mode option. Now, when you load it, the screen will always be on showing a clock. If you have an alarm set, the screen will light up a few minutes earlier to gently wake you up.

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