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I think the stop sign dips more into "Large props" rather than "Dangerous items". Since a real stop sign is kind of big, as long as you're not spinning it like those sign spinners then it shouldn't be dangerous as long as you're aware of the crowds. Maybe make sure that the sign's edges aren't too sharp (dull them out, put tape, etc.). Plus the most the staff will do is just tell you to put away your prop and come back if it becomes a problem. Disclaimer: I am not a part of the staff at the con, but this is my best guess based on the wording of the policy and being considerate to other con-goers.
-Just how dangerous would a real stop sign be considered in the "dangerous items" category of the weapons policy? Look at my pfp and judge for yourself whether I am good at assessing danger levels. (Hint: I am not.) -----Can exceptions be made for the formal dance dress code? It says to avoid shorts but I planned out my outfit months in advance before realizing, and wound up with a pair of formal khaki shorts with tights underneath. -----On the subject of the dance- me and my partner broke up just before the con, so I'm looking for a new date! My discord is literally a pigeon #2526 Please note I am an adult so while I'll accept friend requests from just about anyone, I will only go to the dance with another adult.
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