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firestorm9832 @firestorm9832 Imma post a cat like every other day lol
Man I have a lot more advice and stuff but don't want to write out another essay. Sorry if I'm spamming. Job searching is something I find REALLY fun so I can get carried away. If you want any suggestions when it comes to interviewing or searching for jobs outside of Linkedin feel free to message. I'd be willing to chat for a bit and provide some suggestions. I work in HR and have prior recruiting experience. Plus I don't have a college degree and I started working in HR from 18. My point being that I know how hard it is to get anywhere when you're not necessarily the "perfect candidate". A lot of perseverance will get you a long way and dont get discouraged even if you've sent out 100's of applications.
Linkedin Tips: If you're looking to go into an office or corporate career then Linkedin is a MUST. I feel it is a resource that is heavily underutilized because people dont generally know how to use it. If you're actively applying I suggest getting Linkedin Premium even though it is $30 a month, but if you aren't looking to pay for that subscription I still suggest utilizing your free trial and I will explain how. Boolean Searches: When it comes to Linkedin it is important to note that recruiters use boolean searches to find candidates on Linkedin. With this in mind there are a few things you want to change about your profile. For starters, don't make your headline your job title, instead you'll want to use words that represent your experience and industry. For example my job title is Compensation & HRIS Analyst, but my headliner is "Compensation | Human Resources | HRM Certified". You'll want to separate your words with "|" (It is the button under/around the backspace key.) This makes it so that you will appear in more search results. Also don't be afraid to flaunt any certifications you have. Post those babies up there. Tip to build your skills section: Next building your profile and utilizing your free trial. So I think that the free trial is a great resource to build your profile. While you have Linkedin Premium jobs that you search will have the usual job description and some information on how you compare to other candidates if there are more than 15-25 applicants. This is really useful. One of the things they'll show you are the top skills that other applicants have that relate to the job. Use this information to add skills to your profile. It can be hard to think of everything you should include in the skills section of your profile. But the more skills you have the higher your profile will score when you apply and the more searches you'll appear in. So while you have your free trial, look up relevant jobs and add any top skills that are listed under the job description. Also take note and use them in your profile if you can. Previous employment: When it comes to filling out your previous experience I'd do the same thing that you'd do for a resume except show the full scope of the job since you have more room. By the same thing I mean the same process I mentioned in my previous comment. Look up a job description and copy and paste with a little modification. Also it is a good idea to go onto the company website of your previous job and copy paste a small excerpt of the company description/goal. Something that tells what the business does to recruiters that may not have heard of the job. Messagign recruiters: The last thing that I LOVE about Linkedin is the ability to message recruiters. Unfortunately you do need Linkedin Premuim for this unless you are already connected or have a similar "1st" connection. Anyways here is what I do. After I find a job I want to apply to on Linkedin I double check my resume and compare to the job description (tweak if needed). Then I always apply on the company site unless the company site does not have a careers page. Linkedin is kind of goofy because when you apply through Linkedin it sends a really wacky PDF version of your profile. They're hard to look through and unflattering. You'd think a site meant for job searching would have this fixed right? Anyways, apply thought the company site. Here is the most fun part in my opinion. You go back to Linkedin, look up the company Linkedin page, and on the page there should be a "people" tab. Click that and search for "recruiter" or "talent acquisition". I usually check out the people in the results to 1.) make sure theyre active on Linkedin and 2.) actually work for the company. Lots of people lie or they no longer work there. You won't always be able to find a recruiter but when you do SCORE. Write a short and sweet message and mention that you've applied online but are attaching your resume for their convenience. I have a little template I use for my messages. I would say about 8/10 times I get at least a phone interview doing this.
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