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An Expository Essay on “Sustainable Sources of Energy" - Tips & Sample


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Tips to write effective expository essays

Mentioned below are some of the tips for writing effective expository essays:

  1.   Choose a proper structure before starting the write-up of an expository essay. Meaning that, identify which information regarding the topic under discussion should be presented first and which one later. In order to prepare a structure of the expository essay, you can think of preparing a detailed outline for the essay. This outline should follow the structure you want to keep in your expository essay. Apart from that in the outline, you can also include the main points of discussion and the flow of information throughout the essay.
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  3.   Make your introductory paragraph appealing so that it attracts the attention of your audience from the very start. In addition to an appealing introductory paragraph, make sure to end your expository essay in an appealing manner as well.
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Sample expository essay on “sustainable sources of energy”

Before bringing in the use of fossil fuels, the utilization of sustainable sources of energy such as wind energy, solar power, etc. was carried out to fulfill the human energy requirements and needs. Sustainable sources of energy have become the basic necessities of The lives of people And it is not possible to imagine life without them. The reason behind this is that from cooking gas to electricity and even to transportation fuels etc. everything is based on sustainable energy sources. Solar energy, wind energy, and hydro energy are the most popular sustainable sources of energy. What makes these sources of energy sustainable is their ability to fulfill the needs of the present generation without compromising on the various economic, environmental, or social aspects such as energy poverty, emission of greenhouse gases, etc.


Solar energy is another popular sustainable source of energy. The heat coming from the sun for the Radiant light is regarded as solar energy. This source of energy is harnessed by the use of numerous technologies such as solar architecture, photovoltaics, artificial photosynthesis or solar heating, etc. Energy from the sun or solar power is transformed into different energy forms such as electrical energy or thermal energy.


Wind energy is a sustainable source of energy also known as wind power. It is a form of solar energy in which mechanical power is generated by the use of wind. The generated mechanical power is then provided to turn generators for the generation of electrical power. The influence of wind energy On other information that is very small and because of this it lies among the most popular sustainable sources of energy.


Hydro energy, hydropower, or hydroelectric energy is another most popular sustainable source of energy with a considerable e less impact on the surrounding. This source of energy is used to power machines, for the production of power, and even for the production of electricity. In this, the water source's gravitational energy is converted into power and is therefore known as a method for the production of renewable energy.


There are many other sustainable sources of energy such as biomass energy, geothermal energy, tidal energy, etc. All the sources of energy are regarded as sustainable sources of energy because they fulfill the requirements and needs without compromising on the various aspects.



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