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33 year old Male
Last online over 1 year ago
Janesville, WI
Hey there. My name is Marshall, or of you've ever seen me at a convention, you may know me as the Hookah Guy. I set up my hookah at various midwest cons and offer to share with other attendees as they flit around between photoshoots and panels. The nightlife and party atmosphere at cons is really awesome, and it's great seeing so many friendly people gathered together.

I am married to an amazing young woman who is exceptionally gifted in all things art related. She got into cosplay soon after her first con, and last year finally made the jump to create her own cosplay page. She's won multiple first place awards both on her own and in groups I and other friends have been a part of. She's also been a masquerade judge for Anime Midwest the last two years. You can find all of her work on Facebook by searching for Lollipop-chan Cosplay.

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