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Gad Guard [TV]

Gad Guard
Plot Summary

Several hundred years in the future, the natural resources of the Earth had been depleted, causing humankind’s progression to stagnate. The world is now divided into “Units”. A boy named Hajiki Sanada lives with his mother and sister in Unit 74, in a place called “Night Town”, in which all electricity is shut down at midnight.

The key in this story is an object called the GAD. GADs have the ability to reconstruct materials while reacting to feelings of an organic life. The size and shape of the resulting product seem to be different depending on the kinds of feelings that the life possesses. When Hajiki comes in contact with one by accident, it transforms into a huge robot—a Techode, or “Iron Giant”—which Hajiki names Lightning. And soon he realizes that he isn’t the only one with a Tekkoudo, and must find out how to deal with those others who he feels are the “same” as himself.

About the Show

Gad Guard is a mecha-adventure anime television series. Produced by studio Gonzo under the direction of Hiroshi Nishikiori, Gad Guard aired a total of 26 episodes between April 2003 and September 2003. A light novel was produced under the same name, which was written by Umoto Kyouhei. Its 4 volumes were published between May 24, 2003 and September 25, 2003.

On Gads: Techodes, A-Techodes, and Gadrians

Known as mysterious stones with immense powers, the Gads are highly sought after in the Gad Guard universe. Due to its high value, the rich and powerful are the only ones who usually have possession of these stones. While its true importance is unknown, these stones react to strong emotions and can transform into one of the following: Techodes, A-Techodes, or Gadrians.

Techodes are one of the three creations that come from a Gad. It takes form in a large humanoid robot standing at 20 feet high. It can be controlled by a human, and is fueled by the emotional bond between the Techode and its owner. Techodes are usually spawned from people with good intentions.

Opposite to a Techode, an A-Techode is spawned from dark emotions. These are the usual creations from the Gads, and take the form of terrifying monsters. Unlike Techodes, A-Techodes are independent creations.

A Gadrian is created when an owner of a Gad is consumed by great anger or hatred. Gadrians kill the owner of a Gad, and take the form of an organic monster equipped with technological modifications.


Hajiki Sanada (Main Protagonist)
Hajiki is somewhat a troublemaker, just like most of the young boys in their area. He usually skips school and hangs out with his friends, often causing trouble for the cops while on his skateboard or moped. Despite this behavior, Hajiki is actually responsible, working himself to the bone as a delivery boy to support his mother and sister. His father was an astronaut who died after a launching accident.
Hajiki’s Techode: Lightning
Hajiki obtains a Techode after coming into contact with a Gad he was delivering. He named it Lightning, similar to his father’s plane. Its quick and agile movement makes it very effective in melee combat, while engines in its lower legs allow it to move at high speeds.

Katana (Main Antagonist)
Katana usually acts as an antagonist to the main characters, although he becomes an ally from time to time. Moody, stoic, and cold, Katana works as a man-for-hire, living at an abandoned building on the edge of Night Town. Katana is a proud Heavy Metal operator, having been able to create his own machine called Seven. However, Seven lost and gets destroyed by Lightning, causing his rivalry with Hajiki.
Katana’s Techode: Zero
Although Zero does not replace Seven in Katana’s affections, it is still highly protected by him. Zero represents what Katana wants to be, who has a habit to push the Techode to its limit. Zero is the only Techode with a discharge weapon; a machine gun on its left arm.

Arashi Shinozuka
Arashi is a daughter of a great martial artist from Day Town. Her father was disappointed with her birth, as he wanted to have a son. Feeling that she would never be good enough as a daughter, Arashi decided to leave Day Town and went to Night Town to live on her own. Despite initially having a hard time at Night Town, Arashi slowly picks her feet up and lands a job as a billboard repair worker. After seeing Lightning and the other Techodes, she then wanted one for her own.
Arashi’s Techode: Hayate
Symbolizing her freedom from Day Town, Arashi’s Techode Hayate has the ability to fly. Arashi does not use her Techode in direct battle, but rescues the others whenever needed instead.

Takumi Kisaragi
When he was still young, Takumi was left alone by his parents with a very large sum of money. So much so that Takumi claims he wouldn’t be able to spend it all, even though if he wouldn’t find a job. Abundant in time and money, Takumi spends his day fighting crime with his Techode Thunderbolt, as he thinks that the police force’s efforts are lacking.
Takumi’s Techode: Thunderbolt
Similar to Lightning and Zero, Thunderbolt is designed for combat. It has the ability to shoot bolts of lightning from its hands and head, and can grow large blades on its forearms. Just like its owner, Thunderbolt fights recklessly.

Aiko Mary Harmony
Aiko is the adopted daughter of the owner of Central Electronics – the most successful electric company in Unit Blue. Despite living in luxury, Aiko shows no signs of being a spoiled brat. In fact, she is very idealistic, and acts as a bridge of friendship between the Techode owners.
Aiko’s Techode: Messerschmidt
Messerschmidt symbolizes Aiko’s loneliness. It takes the form of a brother or father, having a thick body that is mainly used for protection.

Sayuri appears the same time as Zero. Sayuri always follows Katana around, claiming that he is her friend. She is very sweet and looks out for Katana, so much so that she looks for other friends for him.

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