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Aoi Hana [TV]

Aoi Hana
Plot Summary

The story follows Fumi Manjoume, who reunites with her childhood friend Akira Okudaira after 10 long years. Despite attending different high schools, their respective romantic relationships tangle. They try to resolve their problems together, discovering hidden feelings in the process.

About the Show

Aoi Hana, also known as Sweet Blue Flowers, is an anime adaptation of the yuri manga series under the same name, written and illustrated by Takako Shimura. Produced by J.C. Staff, the show aired a total of 11 episodes between July 2, 2009 and September 10, 2009.


Fumi Manjoume
First year high school student at Matsouka Girl’s High School, Fumi Manjoume is a shy and sensitive girl. She spent most of her childhood with Akira Okudaira, who acted as her bodyguard and comforted her whenever she cried. Fumi had her first romantic relationship with her cousin Chizu. She later learns that Chizu is about to get married.

Akira Okudaira
First year high school student at Fujigaya Girls Academy, Akira Okudaira is an outgoing girl, and is easily spooked by ghost stories. Though meaning no harm, she usually spills her friend’s secrets while giving other people advice.

Yasuko Sugimoto
Yasuko is captain of their school’s basketball team, and is quite popular. She became Fumi’s girlfriend, and shared a kiss at the school library.

Kyouko Ikumi
Kyouko is Akira’s classmate, and is in love with Yasuko, despite being rejected. She is engaged to Kou (in name only), and is also quite popular at their school.

Episode Summary

Episode 1: Flower Tales
On the first day of commute to their own schools, Fumi and Akira cross paths but fail to recognize each other. They have been childhood friends, but have not seen each other for 10 years. It is only later that, after Fumi and her mother visit Akira’s household, they remember. Fumi studies at Matsouka Girl’s High School, while Akira studies at Fujigaya Girl’s Academy. Later, Fumi learns that her cousin Chizu — who she had feelings for – is about to get married.

Episode 2: Spring Storm
Fumi, while searching for a club to join, meets Yasuko Sugimoto who invites her into the basketball club, and accepts. Meanwhile at Fujigaya, Akira and Kyouko join the drama club, though they will only be working backstage. Yasuko is invited to play a role for the upcoming play at Fujigaya. Fumi and her friends go with Yasuko. There, while strolling and admiring the architecture, Fumi chances upon a crying Kyouko.

Episode 3: When I Wake Up in the Morning
Yasuko talks to Fumi, shortly after exiting the same room Kyouko was from. Fumi expresses that she cannot stay in the basketball club as she lacks the required athleticism, much to Yasuko’s disappointment. Yasuko then asks Fumi to a date. Meanwhile, Kyouko invites Akira to a date, along with the former’s fiancé (in name only) and the latter’s brother. Later, after their date, Fumi officialy joins the literary club. Yasuko takes Fumi to the library, where they shared their first kiss.

Episode 4: Adolescence is Beautiful
Yasuko tells Fumi that she wants to accompany her during the morning while they make their way to school, since they are already a couple. Fumi accepts, but realizes afterwards that Akira and her already agreed to go together during the mornings. Fumi reveals to Akira about her relationship with Yasuko. Not knowing what to feel, Akira asks Kyouko for advice.

Episode 5: Wuthering Heights (part 1)
Fumi suspects that Yasuko is somehow in love with another person, and decides to confide in Akira. Fumi then learns about Kyouko’s feelings for Yasuko. Later, Fumi decides not to go with Yasuko at the rehearsals, as she feels awkward about Yasuko’s popularity with other girls. Akira then chides Fumi for not telling Yasuko that she felt jealous about the other girls.

Episode 6: Wuthering Heights (part 2)
Fumi buys a bouquet of blue flowers for Yasuko. Meanwhile, everyone is getting ready for the Wuthering Heights play. The play was a success, and Fumi goes to give Yasuko the flowers she bought. She sees Yasuko crying, along with the other actresses, after they were thanked for an outstanding performance. Fumi finally reveals to Yasuko how she felt after knowing Yasuko loved someone else, and the latter assured her that it was all in the past.

Episode 7: Days of Youth
Fumi skips school, and goes to Yokohama with Akira, who had no classes due to the drama festival. A few days later, Yasuko takes Fumi to her home and meet her family. There, Fumi meets Yasuko’s mother, and three of her elder sisters. Yasuko then retreats to her room, after her elder sister teases her about her relationship with Fumi. Later that night, Yasuko doubts her and Fumi’s feelings, and decides to break up with her.

Episode 8: Love is Blind
Fumi tells Akira about her break up with Yasuko, causing Akira to confront Yasuko the next day. Later, Kyouko invites Akira to spend the summer vacation at Kou’s summer house, along with Fumi and her friends. Akira then accidentally tells Kyouko about Fumi and Yasuko’s break up.

Episode 9: A Midsummer Night’s Dream
Kyouko, Akira and her brother, Fumi and her friends, go to Kou’s summer villa. They spend their time by telling ghost stories, cooking, and daring one another to frightening tasks. Later that night, Akira is unable to sleep after realizing that her friends all have their own crushes, and wonders what she will do if she had one. After trying to go for a midnight snack, Akira and Fumi notice the beautiful night sky, and stays up all night to enjoy the view together.

Episode 10: The Happy Prince
Yasuko invites Kyouko and Akira to Kazusa and Kagami’s wedding. Kou and Shinobu also go with them. After the wedding, Akira finally joins Fumi in Enoshima, surprising the latter by bringing Yasuko with her. Later, Fumi tells Yasuko that she has given already given up on her, and that she should forget her.

Episode 11: Winter Fireworks
While studying at the library, Fumi is reminded of her first kiss with Yasuko. She sees her later at the station, but ignores her. Kyouko learns that Yasuko will be studying abroad, and sends her a text message to wish her well. Kou invites Akira to shop with him, and Fumi sees them together. Akira, along with Fumi and her friends, hold a party on Christmas Eve. They look through old photo albums, and later decides to visit the elementary school they used to attend. Fumi then realizes that she has been in love with Akira all along.

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