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Haikyu!! [TV]

Plot Summary

After witnessing the “Little Giant” of Karasuno play in a national championships volleyball match, young Hinata Shoyo instantly gets inspired and decides to revive his school’s volleyball club. Although managing to force some of his friends to join his team and even participate in a tournament against other schools, Hinata’s inexperienced team terribly loses their first game against the prodigal “King of the Court” Tobio Kageyama. Instead of losing interest, Hinata’s thirst for the game only grew, and he vows to someday defeat Kageyama in court. Following his idol’s footsteps, he enrolls in Karasuno High School to join its volleyball club even though it has already lost its popularity. Much to his surprise, he finds his rival Kageyama is also in Karasuno, and that they are now teammates.

Despite his amazing athleticism, Hinata still finds himself in a great disadvantage due to his short height. The heated rivals soon develop into an effective duo, as Hinata is the only one in the team fast enough to keep up with the plays set by Kageyama. With their newly found weapon, Karasuno sets out in their journey to become the strongest volleyball team, and once again raise the fallen flag of Karasuno High School.

Overall Haikyu!! synopsis.

Haikyu!! is a sport anime adaptation of the manga series under the same name, written and illustrated by Haruichi Furudate. Produced by Production I.G., the show aired a total of 60 episodes (divided into 3 seasons), starting from April 6, 2014 and ending in December 10, 2016. Its first, second, and third manga volume were ranked 22nd, 18th, and 18th in the Tohan Charts, respectively. The manga series also sold over 2 million copies just a year after its serialization.


The series has an entertaining set of characters and teams. From less talented but persistent players to arrogant prodigies, it offers intense action packed matches and inspiring displays of sportsmanship and teamwork. The following will be short introductions to significant Karasuno High School volleyball team members, and their distinctive skills and talents.

Hinata Shoyo
Hinata Shoyo is the main protagonist of the series. Due to being short, he is often teased or underestimated by the people he meets. Outgoing and friendly in nature, he dreams to becoming the next “Little Giant” of Karasuno, and spike his way to victory. Initially he was assigned as wing spiker, but later on became the team’s middle blocker.
Aside from his agility and superior jumping capabilities, Hinata Shoyo also possesses a strong mental fortitude and impeccable game sense.

Tobio Kageyama
Tobio Kageyama is rigid and egocentric in nature, causing his previous teammates to dub him “King of the Court”, due to him always complaining about his teammates’ capabilities. Despite his natural talent for the game, he was declined by most teams and eventually ended up as Karasuno’s main setter.
Kageyama’s most powerful weapon is his ability to set the ball with pinpoint accuracy and speed. Together with Hinata’s high jumps, they developed god-like quick spikes, offensive moves that only a few players can defend.

Daichi Sawamura
As any good team captain, Daichi Sawamura is a responsible and kind leader, but becomes terrifying when he gets mad. He was able to build a strong foundation for his team, and even managed to unite Hinata and Kageyama. Despite being a wing spiker for the team, he is not particularly used for offense.
Daichi’s specialty is defense. He can receive strong serves, cover for his teammates’ mistakes, and strategically organize his team for an effective defense.

Koshi Sugawara
Prior to Kageyama joining Karasuno, Sugawara is the team’s setter. He gives off a friendly and refreshing aura, and is very supportive of his team even after being removed as the main setter. He is often seen with a gentle smile in his face.
Sugawara is not as talented as a setter as Kageyama. As such, he is removed as a starter player and spends most of the time in the sidelines. He uses this time to observe both his team’s and their opponent’s play, and with the use of his experience, he formulates strategies that helps his teammates on how to approach the match.

Asahi Azumane
Muscular in physique and mature in appearance, Asahi Azumane is often times mistaken for an adult. He is currently Karasuno’s ace player and wing spiker.
Due to his physical strength, Azumane’s main weapon is the brute force of his spikes that can tear through a blocker’s defense.

Ryunosuke Tanaka
Ryunosuke may appear fierce and hot-headed, but he is actually kind and often time looks out for his underclassmen. Whenever he tries to scare people, he makes an intimidating but funny look with his face which the captain scolds him for, since it usually causes for him to find trouble. He is easily won over whenever asked to do things when is he called senpai by his underclassmen.
Similar to Azumane, Ryunosuke relies on brute force, but with a steady mental fortitude. He tends to become unstoppable in the court whenever he gets his momentum. Due to these traits, he is bound to be the next ace of Karasuno.

Yu Nishinoya
Yu Nishinoya and Hinata are similar in a lot of ways. Other than also being short, he is friendly and outgoing, always cheering the team up even in the direst of situations. He is strong willed, which is often displayed when the team is losing the match.
Having won the Best Libero award, that is just what Nishinoya is. Dubbed as Karasuno’s “Guardian Diety”, he always tries to save the ball whenever their attacks are blocked and returned, or when a spike successfully passes through the primary defenses. He can make ridiculous saves, often followed by fancy talk which fires his teammates up even more.

Kei Tsukishima
Tsukishima appears to be arrogant in nature, and often times intimidate Hinata and Kageyama. He is the tallest player in Karasuno, and is set to be one of the team’s middle blocker.
In addition to his height advantage, Tsukishima is calm and analytic, making him a very effective blocker.

Tadashi Yamaguchi
Tadashi is always seen with Tsukishima after being saved from his bullies. He is generally shy and silent, but is friendly and does his best to contribute to the team.
He is assigned as a pinch server, mainly because of his jump float serve.

Episode Summaries (First Season)

Episode 1: The End and the Beginning
Hinata and Kageyama are introduced. Hinata vows to have revenge after miserably losing to Kageyama.

Episode 2: Karasuno High School Volleyball Club
Hinata discovers that he and Kageyama are both joining the Karasuno volleyball team. They get rejected, and were forced to work together in order to convince the team captain to consider them.

Episode 3: The Formidable Ally
Hinata and Kageyama play in the same team with Ryunosuke, in order to prove their teamwork. Tsukishima and Tadashi is also introduced in this episode.

Episode 4: The View from the Summit
The quick attack of the freak duo is born.

Episode 5: A Coward’s Anxiety
Hinata and Kageyama win the match, and are accepted as official members of Karasuno. The team managed to set a practice match against Aoba Johsai, and proceeds to practice for the upcoming game.

Episode 6: An Interesting Team
Karasuno vs Aoba Johsai practice match. The freak duo reveals the quick spike to another team for the first time.

Episode 7: Versus the Great King
Oikawa is introduced, and pummels Karasuno with his serves. Although in the end, Karasuno was able to secure the win.

Episode 8: The One They Call the Ace
Yu Nishinoya is introduced. Karasuno works on their receiving skills.

Episode 9: A Toss to the Ace
Karasuno gains a new coach, who arranges a practice match against the alumni. Asahi Azumane is also introduced in this episode.

Episode 10: Yearning
The practice match against Karasuno vs its alumni continue. After the match, the team’s strengths and weaknesses are identified, and is now ready for effective practice to prepare for upcoming match against Nekoma.

Episode 11: Decision
Karasuno head out to the practice match against Nekoma. They receive their official jersey for the first time.

Episode 12: The Cat and the Crow Reunion
The Karasuno vs Nekoma practice match begins.

Episode 13: Worthy Adversaries
Karasuno loses to Nekoma, and forms an interesting rivalry which makes Ukai decide to permanently coach for the team.

Episode 14: Formidable Opponents
With their new coach, Karasuno becomes ever stronger and prepares themselves for the upcoming Inter-High Preliminaries.

Episode 15: We’re Back
Inter-High Preliminaries starts. The once dubbed “Flightless Ravens” is now back on its feet.

Episode 16: Winners and Losers
The Inter-High Preliminaries is ongoing and Karasuno is crushing it.

Episode 17: The Iron Wall
Karasuno is up against Dateko, a team famous for its Iron Wall defense.

Episode 18: Guarding Your Back
Karasuno manages to defeat Dateko, with the help of their once troubled ace, Azumane.

Episode 19: Conductors
The Karasuno vs. Aoba Johsai starts.

Episode 20: Toru Oikawa is not a Genius
Oikawa and Kageyama go head-to-head and fight to prove who is the better setter.

Episode 21: Senpai’s True Abilities
After subbing Kageyama who was about to lose his patience, Sugawara take in charge and show what being an experienced player is about.

Episode 22: Evolution
Kageyama starts to realize his mistakes, and begins to trust his teammates abilities.

Episode 23: The Point that Changes the Momentum
Aoba Johsai wins the second set of the game, leading to a third set that Karasuno cannot afford.

Episode 24: Removing the Solitary King
Kageyama finally accepts that he needs his teammates, and has now evolve into a stronger player. Karasuno loses the match against Aoba Johsai.

Episode 25: The Third Day
After a frustrating lose to Aoba Johsai, Karasuno head on their way home. Learning from their mistakes from the past Inter-High Preliminaries, they now prepare for the spring tournament.

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