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A Silent Voice [Movie]

A Silent Voice
Plot Summary
Categories Drama School

Shōya Ishida walks along a bridge, contemplating suicide. He flashbacks to his elementary school days when his teacher introduces a new student, Shōko Nishimiya, who is deaf. Irritated by his inability to understand Shōko, Shōya begins bullying and harassing her, making fun of her disability, and even tossing her hearing aids out the window. Shōko tries to befriend her classmates but Naoko Ueno leads the other girls to rebuff her. The teachers and Shōya’s friends do not intervene in his bullying of Shōko despite being witnesses. One day, Shōya yanks out Shōko’s hearing aids, making her ear bleed. After this incident, the school principal asks if Shōko is being bullied. Shōya’s teacher demands Shōya to stand up, knowing he is guilty. When Shōya points to his friends as accomplices, they deny it. Shōya’s mother, Miyako Ishida, takes Shōya to the Nishimiyas and apologizes, and Shōya feels guilty when he sees the amount of money his mom gives to pay for the cost of all the hearing aids (1,700,000 yen). Shōko transfers to another school and Shōya’s friends turn on him, making him an outcast.

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