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Last one to post here wins


No new ppl. My wins should be fine. For now...

Baka @reinhardt76 commented on Last one to post here wins
Baka @reinhardt76
Dec 30, 18 at 2:15am
This account has been suspended.

I like how I can identify where the gif takes place in BnHA. It's when Midoriya recieves the acceptance hologram letter from UA and Uraraka asks Present Mic to give some of her points to Midoriya. I would keep adding more details but I must stop myself


I shall be back. Win for now


This is a strange place. >.> But at least Izuku is the creator of this thread. Makes it more entertaining to say win here cause Izuku is a notoriously tough competitor....it will take all of everyone's might to overthrow Midoriya and his long-lasting legacy of being in the lead of wins
~Win ^^;


And Token appears out of nowhere! It is exactly as you say. I'll be taking my win

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