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Going to a con?

Feb 19, 18 at 10:12pm

Anime Midwest

Mar 23, 18 at 11:10am

Anime Midwest is my next major con, a few library shows might be scattered in between then and now

Mar 25, 18 at 11:42pm

Anime Midwest, first anime convention, and a little bit (*read very) scared. Don't wanna be alone...

P4193 commented on Going to a con?
Apr 02, 18 at 6:11pm

Don't worry, same here fab_jhammy.

Jun 21, 18 at 4:07pm

fab_jhammy and P4193, don't worry, it'll be fun.

Jun 23, 18 at 12:11pm

Anime Midwest from the 6th to 8th!!

Jun 27, 18 at 11:23am

Anime Midwest from the 6th to the 8th! ^_^

Jun 27, 18 at 11:28am

fab_jhammy omg me too! Does anyone have any tips about what i should do since its my first con? Like is there somewhere i MUST go or something i MUST do while i'm there?

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