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Skip Beat [TV]

Skip Beat
Plot Summary

Skip Beat

Despite being smart, diligent, bright and hard-working, Mogami Koyoko is really naïve.Having to work multiple jobs just to support her childhood friend,upcoming pop icon and the love of her life, FuwaShoutaroa.k.aFuwaSho. On a busy day in the café where she works, she hears her co-part timers talking about Sho and how he’s rising on the top. Kyoko was sheepishly smiling inside because of the supports Sho gets from people.

People are comparing Fuwa to a top actor named TsurugaRen and he’s somewhat hated by Sho and Kyoko that’s why Kyoko is happy to hear one of her co-workers to switch from Ren to Sho. At the same time, her co-worker showed two life sized posters from buying the first edition of his 2nd album. Kyoko was devastated when she realized that she didn’t get any poster when she bought two CD’s. She even waited outside the store on the day it came out and was the first one to buy it. Her co-worker encouraged her to take her receipt to the store and show it to them and say she didn’t get a poster. She rushed to the store and crushed in with her bike. Fortunately she did get one poster.

She didn’t have the time to wander around any longer because she’s late with her other part time job in Darumaya. She got there on time but she’s really tired and haggard to work but she can’t take the day off since she won’t be able to pay the rent for her apartment. Her concerned lady boss told poor Kyoko it’s not right to come to Tokyo and work every day after graduating from middle school. She was asked if she ever wanted to doll herself up like other girls her age. She wants to but she realized no one can be beautiful without money.

Kyoko spends all her money on paying the luxurious rent of her apartment and never gets anything for herself. She cuts her hair on her own, her bag was given to her from the Darumaya owner, and her bike is borrowed from Darumaya and her over worn jeans and jacket is from four years ago. She never bought anything for herself even if she wanted to buy the cosmetics she loved thinking that what she wants is just a secondary importance next to Sho’s. She finally went home and finds her apartment lights are on. She hurriedly took the stairs when the elevators were slow and barges in her apartment door to find FuwaSho packing his bags.

She shouted his name and he told her to keep her voice down because the neighbors might recognize him. Now the reason why Kyoko stays in a luxurious apartment is because it’s all for Sho.
She thinks of Sho as her prince and she was contented living with him even if she wears herself out from working too much.

Kyoko showed kind gestures and care while she was talking but Sho glares at her and keep being mean to her. Kyoko is aware that everytimeSho is back he’s in a bad mood. She remembered the days where Sho used to be so tender and even asked her to come to Tokyo with him. But Kyoko is still being naïve and thought only of him. As long as Sho’s dreams come true, she doesn’t care about herself.

Sho was leaving again after taking his spare of clothes but Kyoko missed him so much that she used a bribe for Sho to stay for a little while. She rushed to the kitchen and took Culigo’spucchin pudding which is Sho’s favourite. They talked for a while but Sho was just bragging about his popularity and Koyoko added oil to the fire by saying Sho has snatched one fan of TsurugaRen. When he turned the TV on, he saw Tsuruga Ren guesting from a tv show and he got in a bad mood again. Kyoko did all the best she can to ease Sho’s bad mood by saying negative things about Ren. He was even more furious after seeing the survey of the hottest men alive where TsurugaRen was in first place and he was at seventh place.

After that night Kyoko called Sho to comfort him saying he’s way much cooler than TsurugaRen even if other girls don’t understand that, she does and said he is her number one. Darumaya is closed for the day and she’s done on her shift in Wos Burger, she decided to visit FuwaSho on the studio where he works.

Many of FuwaSho’sfangirls were waiting outside the studio. Other girls are getting agitated because it they know Sho’s shoots are over. Other keeps saying stuff like they want to touch FuwaSho today. Kyoko got through the security by telling them she was from the delivery service. (Still wearing her uniform and brought a box of food)

She found her way to Sho’s studio room but before she could knock she heard him talking to her manager while mocking her message earlier on the phone that being her number one doesn’t mean a thing to him. His manager told him he was a bit harsh to Kyoko when he knows she’s the one who earns his living expenses. He revealed that he only brought Kyoko to Tokyo to use her as his servant. He’s making it sound like Kyoko is his housekeeper.

He remarked that Kyoko was a servant of his even when they were younger. She doesn’t complain or get upset no matter what he said and she helps Sho’s parent that’s why he chose her to come to Tokyo.

Devasted and heartbroken, Kyoko’s Pandora’s box released a lot of evil vengeful spirits and swore to Sho that she would get her revenge and step into the entertainment world to defeat him. Kyoko was furious and declared war to Fuwa Sho.
Despite her words, Sho didn’t show any fear or regret and mocked her instead by saying she wouldn’t make it to his world and wouldn’t fulfil her desired revenge

Kyoko has threw away her old self, changed her looks and started her plan to get revenge on Fuwa Sho. She audutioned in LME, the agency where Tsuruga Ren works for (Sho’s most hated person) she has to face all the obstacles and hardship if she wants to debut. Later on she was rejected on the auditions but was later given a chance to join on the LOVE ME section.

Main Characters:

*Mogami Kyoko
Kyoko is the main lead of the series. She was head-over-heels for Fuwa Shotaro until she overheard him talking about bringing her to Tokyo to have her as her maid. She had been Fuwa Sho’s childhood friend and was originally from Tokyo. Kyoko is close to Fuwa Sho’s parents because she helps out at their hotel in Kyoto. Kyoko joined LME’s audition in order to get revenge on Fuwa Sho and was later put on LOVE ME Section of the agency.


Kyoko is first seen with long black hair and golden brown colored eyes. Sho considered her as a plain and boring woman who never wears any make up. She ties her hair with a ponytail because it’s pretty messy without being tied. She is also quite tired looking and haggard all the time for working three jobs to support Sho’s materialism. She would always wear a jacket and overworn jeans. She cut her hair short and dyed her hair in a chest nut color after the confrontation from Sho.

Kyoko is a very sweet and selfless girl. She would always put Sho’s needs before hers and refers to her needs as second importance. Yes, she is very naive and innocent. She’s very hard-working (having to work three jobs to support Sho’s dreams all by herself right after graduating from middle school) She did change after beaing heart broken and betrayed by Fuwa Sho. She became more fierce and feisty when she debut as Mio.

*Fuwa Sho
Fuwa Sho or Fuwa Shotaro is a singer and a rising star and the scoundrel who broke Kyoko’s naive heart. He only brought Kyoko to Tokyo to serve for him as his maid and pay for his living expenses. His family owns a hotel in Kyoto and his parents wanted him to take over the hotel and marry Kyoko. He took Kyoko, her feelings, and her efforts for granted. Sho didn’t want to take over the family business because he wanted a more exiting life and dreamed to be the biggest star in music industry. After graduating in middle school, he decided to go to Tokyo and that’s where he asked Kyoko to come with him. He works for Akatoki agency.


Sho is a tall teen ager with cliche blonde hair and blue eyes. He has a slim but strong figure. His fashion style is mostly Visual K since he is a singer. He always wears leather jacket sometimes black or red to suit his ‘’cool’’ character.


Fuwa Sho is considered a ‘’cool’’ person as his fan girls. He is possessive of Kyoko even after he abandoned her. He hates Tsuruga Ren most of all because he feels inferior towards the actor. He is quite a selfish brat and is a womanizer. He likes mature women with big breasts. He only brought Kyoko to Tokyo because he knew that she will always nod and let him have it his way. He played with Kyoko’s heart and took her efforts for granted. He began regretting it after Kyoko’s transformation when she started her debut.

*Tsuruga Ren
Ren is a very popular actor who works for LME and is the title holder of Japan’s most desirable man. He has a difficulty getting along with Kyoko at first because of her reason to join the entertainment industry. He didn’t like that fact that Kyoko just joined in the entertainment industry just to get revenge on Fuwa Sho. Later on, Ren finds himself worrying about Kyoko and thinking about her. They get along so well after quite some time. They would talk to each other over the phone and looks like they like each other. Ren is a gentleman but is very scary when he’s angry. He is called a co-star killer because of his ability to make her leading ladies fall for him.


Tsuruga Ren is 190 cm tall. He has a muscular build and his assets are his good looks and long legs. His hair color is dark brown and his eyes are brown. Tsuruga Ren’s fashion sense is quite dashing because he matches it with his ‘’gentleman’’ character.


Ren is very intelligent and has serious attitude towards acting. He hated Kyoko’s idea of joining LME just because she can get revenge for Fuwa Sho. But later on, he develops feelings towards Kyoko. He is childish sometimes and he has a split personality that only Kyoko can break whenever she talks adorably or how she talks to him.

Skip beat is not just an anime that focuses on acting. It also focuses on art, friendship and how to overcome obstacles in life and how to forget the past and move on with the present.

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