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Ergo Proxy [TV]

Ergo Proxy
Plot Summary

Thousands of years ago, an ecological catastrophe destroyed almost all life forms on Earth. One of the surviving cities – perhaps the only one – is the domed city of Romdo. In an attempt to hasten mankind’s recovery from this tragic state, AutoRievs, robots that resemble a human, have been created to assist the people with their day-to-day activities. However, AutoRievs began to mysteriously gain self-awareness, which was later discovered to be caused by a disease called “Cogito Virus”.

Re-l, granddaughter of Romdo’s ruler, must now investigate this phenomenon with her AutoRiev partner Iggy per orders of her grandfather. But what begins as a routine investigation quickly spirals into a conspiracy as Re-l is confronted by humanity’s darkest sins.

About the Show

Ergo Proxy is a suspense sci-fi anime television series written by Dai Satou. Produced by studio Manglobe under the direction of Shukou Murase, Ergo Proxy aired a total of 23 episodes between February 25, 2006 and August 12, 2006.

Season Summary

Episode 1: Pulse of Awakening/Awakening
After a series of AutoRievs getting infected by the Cogito virus, Re-l was sent to investigate. Later, she gets attacked by two monsters at her home.

Episode 2: Confession of a Fellow Citizen/Confession
Re-l struggles to convince her colleagues about the encounters she had with the Proxy, and is removed from the investigation. She then finds out that her partner Iggy had gotten his recent memories erased.

Episode 3: Leap into the Void/Maze City
After his encounter with the Proxy and the authorities, Vincent concludes that he is no longer safe within Romdo and decides to leave. During his escape, he encounters an infected AutoRiev called Pino, who shows him the way to the outside world.

Episode 4: Signs of Future, Hades of Future/Futu-Risk
Outside Romdo, Vincent and Pino are taken in by a small commune. These people make a living from the dumped materials of the domed city. Meanwhile, Raul makes his plans to capture Vincent.

Episode 5: Recall/Twilight
Re-l decides to go after Vincent, and meets him at the commune. However, Raul commences his plan to capture Vincent, which damages Re-l’s environmental suit and injures Vincent’s back.

Episode 6: Return Home/Domecoming
Re-l falls gravely ill after her exposure to the harmful environment. Meanwhile, the others make a plan to escape the commune.

Episode 7: RE-L124C41+
Re-l recovers from her illness and wanders around the facility, where she accidentally discovers Romdo’s artificial birthing system. Meanwhile, Vincent makes his way to Mosk along with Pino and the remaining survivors from the drone attack.

Episode 8: Light Beam/Shining Sign
Vincent and Pino are caught in a crossfire between humans and AutoRievs. Vincent takes on his Proxy form and kills an AutoRiev by draining her energy with his eyes.

Episode 9: Shards of Brilliance/Angel’s Share
Vincent awakens and meets Kazkis Hauer, an alcoholic who consequently supervises the Asura Dome. Later, it is revealed that Kazkis is also a Proxy and engages in a battle against Vincent.

Episode 10: Existence/Cytotropism
Raul ponders upon the future of Romdo, and reinstates his position so that he may continue the research on the Proxy Nomad. However, Daedulus has his own other plans. Meanwhile, Re-l and Iggy explore an antiquated dome inhabited by primitive AutoRievs.

Episode 11: In the White Darkness/Anamnesis
Vincent learns more about his true nature, after stumbling upon a strange book store. He falls into a dream-like state, where he sees his past and what had happened to Earth before.

Episode 12: When You’re Smiling/Hideout
Vincent reveals to Re-l that he is a Proxy, but the latter refuses to believe him. Later, the group is confronted by a vagrant Proxy accompanied by an AutoRiev. After the battle, Re-l sends Iggy back to Romdo, and she joins Vincent in his quest.

Episode 13: Conceptual Blindspot/Wrong Way Home
After a series of strange events, Iggy grows confused and is infected. This leads him to kidnapping Re-l, and setting out to kill Vincent. Later, Iggy sacrifices himself to protect Re-l from the homeless AutoRiev.

Episode 14: Someone Like You/Ophelia
While resting in an abandoned-dome, the trio runs into a series of strange events.

Episode 15: Nightmare Quiz Show/Who Wants to Be in Jeopardy!
Vincent finds himself in a bizarre live game show, where his life is put on the line.

Episode 16: Dead Calm/Busy Doing Nothing
The trio ends up stranded aboard the Centzon. Re-l stands on the border to insanity.

Episode 17: Never-Ending Battle/Terra Incognita
The city of Romdo raises its security and hunts down the fugitive Raul, who plans to detonate a destructive weapon. Meanwhile, the trio explore a toxic cave system and discovers strange humanoids within.

Episode 18: Sign of the End/Life After God
The trio arrives in Mosk, Vincent’s home city, which is now nothing but a ruin. They finally learn that everything traces back to Romdo.

Episode 19: The Girl with a Smile/Eternal Smile
Accompanied by NaKaMa, Pino explores the mysterious Smile Land, where he confronts the Creator of the city.

Episode 20: Sacred Eye of the Void/Goodbye, Vincent
Vincent finds himself within Re-l’s consciousness, where he can’t do anything but observe.

Episode 21: The Place at the End of Time/Shampoo Planet
A Cogito outbreak spreads throughout the city of Romdo, resulting in mass confusion and chaos. Knowing that he can take advantage of the situation, Raul incites the people to revolt, and hunt to kill all AutoRievs.

Episode 22: Bind/Bilbul
Vincent and Re-l meet Proxy One while the city of Romdo is falling apart. Meanwhile, Raul is overcome with despair and regret, and sets out to find Pino.

Episode 23: Proxy/Deus ex Machina
Revelations are uncovered as the final fight commences.

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