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Plot Summary

The story follows amateur news photographer Maria Ousawa and her partner Mino, who are assigned to Shanghai to search for newsworthy stories to cover. After noticing that strange events have been happening in the local festival, the duo quickly set out to investigate. In a sudden turn of events, Maria is almost killed by masked gunmen, but was saved by an old friend named Canaan. Meanwhile, a sinister plot involving a deadly virus is swiftly brewing, and Canaan is the only one capable of stopping it.

About the Show

CANAAN is an anime television series created by Type-Moon co-founders Kinoko Nasu and Takashi Takeuchi, based on a scenario they conceptualized for the Wii visual novel 428: Shibuya Scramble. With studio P.A. works, the series aired a total of 13 episodes, between July 4, 2009 and September 26, 2009.


Canaan is the main protagonist of the series, and is a mercenary currently operating in Shanghai. Her weapon of choice is a Beretta Px4 Type G 9 mm semi-automatic pistol, but is also known as an elite marksman and an expert on different styles of combat. She also has the ability to use a unique skill called synesthesia, which allows her to distinguish between civilians and enemies on the battlefield.
During her early years, she lived on a war-torn region in the Middle East. Eventually, their village was destroyed by the war, and she was left as its sole survivor. She was then found by Siam, who adopted her and trained her to become a mercenary, together with Alphard. Having found a new family, Canaan grew to respect Siam as her mentor, and loved Alphard like her older sister. However, during a mission, Alphard betrayed and left Canaan and Siam to die. Canaan survived, with only vengeance as her motivator.

Alphard Al Sheya
Alphard Al Sheya is the main antagonist of the series, and is the leader of a terrorist organization called Snake, which is responsible for the Shibuya and Shanghai attacks. She is much stronger than Canaan, and can easily take her down even when Canaan is using her synesthesia. She carries a FN Five-seven USG 5.7 mm pistol as a sidearm.
Prior to the Shibuya attack, Alphard, Siam, and Canaan were hired to hijack an armored military train transporting the Ua virus. After being ordered by her client to leave no witnesses, Alphard shot Siam, and escaped with the Ua virus.

Maria Ousawa
Two years prior to the events of 428: Shibuya Scramble, Maria Ousawa was abducted by the Snake, and infected her with the Ua virus in order to force her father to create a cure. Although she was saved by the vaccine, she suffered amnesia due to the trauma she got from the Shibuya incident. Due to this, she is does not remember that she had met Alphard and Canaan before. However, after becoming Minoru Minorikawa’s partner as a news photographer, Maria is reunited with Canaan.

Sneak Peek

Episode 1: Evil, Flood-Colored City
Two years after the events of 428: Shibuya Scramble, news reporters Maria Ousawa and Minoru Minorikawa from Japan are assigned in Shanghai to cover the upcoming International Anti-Terrorism Conference, where various world leaders are attending. Meanwhile, a teenaged mercenary named Canaan is also in the city, after learning that her arch-enemy Alphard Al Sheya was captured by the CIA. When Maria finds a dead man infected by the Ua virus, the same virus that almost took her life, mysterious masked gunmen suddenly arrive to kill her. Canaan rescues her, and defeats the rest of the masked gunmen without making any commotion, with the help of her synesthesia. While Canaan is distracted, the CIA’s convoy transporting Alphard is attacked.

Episode 2: Worthless Games
In an attempt to free Alphard from the custody of CIA, Liang Qi and Cummings bombard the convoy with air-to-surface missiles and heavy gunfire. Meanwhile, Maria and Minoru are attacked by an unknow n man, who strangely resembled someone they saw on TV when they were en route to the city. Canaan arrives to rescue the reporters, and kills the Mini-Uzi wielding man after he tries to kill her. Later, Minoru contemplates about a T-shaped mark she saw from the old man and the corpse they found earlier.

Episode 3: Trivialities
Suspicious about the T-shaped mark, Maria and Minoru decide to investigate, and end up on a Japanese-themed bar, where they questioned a woman before she was stopped by the bartender. Later, Canaan was able to safely visit Maria, with the help of her synesthesia. They decide to take a tour around Shanghai, where once again Maria is caught up in a dangerous situation, after Canaan was lured away to check a potential trap. Canaan is confronted with a mysterious boy who had the ability to effectively hide in narrow passages, thanks to the Ua virus. Canaan was able to kill him with a well-placed shot to the body, saving Maria who had explosives sitting on her head. Meanwhile, after having escaped from the CIA, Alphard proceeds to make plans for an unknown event.

Quick Review

If you’ve just finished a rather long anime series and would like to watch an awesome short anime, then Canaan might just be what you’re looking for. Being an action anime, expect to witness thrilling gunfights and explosions. The plotline of Canaan is straightforward, where Maria Ousawa and Canaan attempt to stop a global conspiracy involving a deadly virus. Although only having 13 episodes, the story develops rather well, consequently resulting to a sufficiently satisfying ending. The short series also rewards its animators with plenty of time, permitting them to pay attention and refine the animation down to its smaller details. The background music does a great job accompanying the action scenes, without overlapping its boundaries. Surely, no anime series is great without great characters. Canaan’s characters are excellently defined, and their qualities make the show more entertaining to watch. Overall, Canaan is an enjoyable series to watch, and will not leave you with a cliffhanger.

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