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Bible Black: Origins [OVA]

Bible Black: Origins
Plot Summary

This is the game’s second OVA adaption, released on May 25, 2002. Set about twelve years before the events of the original OVA, here we see Hiroko Takashiro and Reika Kitami as students at the school, and several new characters are also introduced. The first episode opens with two female students, Nami Kozono and her lover Junko Mochida, having sex in a classroom after school. In another classroom, Hiroko Takashiro and her two best friends Rie Morita and Saki Shindou are reading Tarot cards. They receive a fortune reading: Great change is upon you. Something will change your life, completely. Soon, Nami Kozono interrupts the girls’ Tarot reading, and ridicules them for their interest in Witchcraft, though Hiroko warns Nami to be fearful of it.

The next day, the school receives a new transfer student, Reika Kitami, a beautiful but naive girl; meanwhile, Rie finds the titular Bible Black in an antique store and shares it with Hiroko and Saki. Here it is also revealed that the girls’ request to start a Witchcraft club has been denied by Nami, who is the head of Student Council.

Nami takes a strong interest in Reika, and flirts with her in the bathroom later that day, though she does not seem to understand it. When Reika does not return Nami’s affection, her flirting soon turns into unwanted sexual advances. One day after school, Nami offers to tutor Reika in a class she is having trouble with, and ends up fondling her. Nami becomes furious when a humiliated Reika rejects her.
Hiroko and her friends begin to translate the Franco-Latin-Hebraic text of the Bible Black, and to get revenge on Nami for forbidding them to start a Witchcraft club, the girls do their first experiment with magic on Nami’s lover, Junko Mochida. As a test run, they cast a simple spell on Junko which causes her to masturbate in front of the whole school in the middle of giving a speech. Their trio soon gains several followers after this, and Nami, concerned for her lover, becomes suspicious of them.

One day after school, Hiratani, an outcasted male student who is obsessed with Nami, asks Hiroko to put a spell on Nami to make her fall in love with him, and she does so. When Nami arrives at school the next day, sure enough, she runs to Hiratani and begins to flirt with him. She later meets him in the Student Council room during lunch, where they have sex many times. Hiroko, Rie and Saki look on through a window, amazed that their magic has worked. In addition they are hired by other students (and a few teachers) to do similar favors and make a large amount of money.

After their sexual encounter, Nami, still under the spell, is eager to have sex with Hiratani again, and goes to Hiroko and her friends in desperation. She begs them to use their magic to make him love her forever. Hiroko says they will do this, if only Nami give the three girls a place to practice their rituals and perform their ceremonies in. Nami lets them use an old abandoned room (the very same room where Taki Minase would later find the book twelve years later) and Hiroko agrees to cast the spell. But instead, she casts a “release spell” on Nami, causing Nami to come to her senses and become furious, disgusted that she “fucked that filthy man”, before storming out of the room.
Returning to school the next day, Nami is disgusted to find that Hiratani is still very much in love with her. She orders a group of thugs to beat him to unconsciousness on the street. With Hiratani gone, Nami starts to pursue Reika Kitami again, begging her to have sex with her in order to “purify” her body of Hiratani’s scent. This causes Reika to finally lash out and slap Nami across the face, saying she is “totally crazy”.

Hungry for revenge, both on Reika and Hiroko’s trio (which is now called Rose Cross), Nami gains the trust of Hiroko, who allows her to join their club, amused at how eager Nami is to join them after initially berating them. They plan to eventually summon Satan himself, but realize that they need a test before they move onto a full human sacrifice. For their first ritual, they decide to summon a demon, in order to get Satan on their side. For the sacrifice, they slaughter a puppy that Reika had befriended upon first coming to the school. However, the ritual goes horribly wrong and the demon proceeds to violently rape Hiroko, thus sending her to a hospital.

In the meantime, with Walpurgis Night fast approaching, Nami takes advantage of Hiroko’s absence and makes herself the leader of Rose Cross. On the day of Walpurgis, she decides to use Reika as a virgin sacrifice that will open the Gates of Hell. She has her thugs kidnap Reika and take her to a building, where they show her the carcass of the puppy the group had killed as a sacrifice. Nami allows the thugs to rape Reika while she and the group prepare for the ritual. As she leaves, she tells them that they can only engage in anal intercourse with Reika, in order to keep her status as a virgin. However, the thugs soon grow bored and begin to have vaginal intercourse with her anyway, unbeknownst to Nami. Meanwhile, Hiroko wakes up in the hospital and, realizing that it is already Walpurgisnight, checks herself out. Upon returning, she urges the group to stop using magic, saying that its power is far too strong for them to handle. However, she fails to convince them, and is forcibly ousted by Nami and the rest of the group, and is placed by Rie and Saki in a closet until the ritual ends.

As the ritual begins, the group chants several spells until a naked Reika is finally stabbed with a large sword several times by Nami as the sacrifice. However, since Reika is no longer a virgin, the Gates of Hell react, but they do not open. The group slowly becomes terrified as they realize that they murdered Reika for nothing. Nami remains calm and demands they need more blood in order for the Gates to open. She goes into a murderous rage and begins to slaughter the other group members (including Hiroko’s friends) with her sword until the Gates finally begin to open. Nami, dropping her sword on the ground, stands in front of the gates and begins to deliriously chant to Satan. But she is interrupted when Reika—severely injured and dying of blood loss, but alive—grabs the sword and, with the last of her strength, stabs Nami several times in the back until she falls to the ground dead. A frightened and traumatized Reika falls to the ground in front of the Gates and continues to die of her wounds. Satan sees that she is frightened and dying, and asks her if she wants to live. He offers her a deal: he will let her live if only she give him her soul in return. Sobbing, she replies “I…I don’t want to die…I don’t want to die!”, and she reluctantly accepts.

Moments later, Hiroko, having managed to free herself, hurries down to the basement, only to find that the ritual had ended, and that the members of Rose Cross (Nami, Rie, and Saki included) have been savagely slaughtered. The series ends with a visibly disturbed Reika, naked and bloodied from head to toe, roaming through the town at dawn. The scene fades out with a shot of her looking blissfully towards the sky, thus revealing herself to be the woman that Kurumi Imari and Taki Minase would meet twelve years later.

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