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Little Battlers Experience [TV]

Plot Summary
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AD 2046, technology has grown all over the world and innovation is leading the way. The way of delivery methods has changed since the creation of the super strong cardboard, which can resist every impact and keeping its contents intact. As the popularity of the material grew, so did its purposes. The super strong cardboard was used as material for special battlefields for LBX’s, specialized miniature robots made by Tiny Orbit that were once banned due to their destructive purposes. Their popularity has again risen due to the specialized battlefield, and special models of LBX were made.

Four years after the creation of the super strong cardboard, in AD 2050, Ban Yamano (Van Yamano in the English dub), a male middle school student has been entrusted with the LBX “AX-00” by a mysterious woman, containing a Platinum Capsule. Van learned from the woman that his father is still alive and knew about a secret conspiracy in the government. Van himself must protect the LBX and the Platinum Capsule, as its contents could change the world forever.

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