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Noir [TV]

Plot Summary

Noir follows the story of two skilled assassins — The Japanese amnesiac Yuumura Kirika, and the Corsican Mireille Bouquet. Due to their vague similarities and having no memories of their past, the duo decides to embark on a journey to answer their question and donning the name Noir.

As they go through their quest for truth, they discover more about the Les Soldats, and the dark secrets that lie within it.

About the Show

Noir is an action anime television series written by Ryoe Tsukimura. Produced by studio Bee Train under the direction of Kouchi Mashimo; Noir aired a total of 26 episodes spanning from April 6, 2001, to September 28, 2001. A live-action adaptation was proposed, however, the project remained at a standstill since January 2013.

Season Summary

Episode 1: “Maidens with Black Hands”
Mireille Bouqet, a gun-for-hire based in Paris, receives an invitation through e-mail from Kirika Yuumura. After learning that they share some similarities, Mireille decides to meet Kirika. Later, the duo names themselves “Noir”.

Episode 2: “Daily Bread”
Noir is hired to eliminate a mole within the GIGN. So far, 2 units in the GIGN had already been killed, and a French member recently lost his family to a bombing.

Episode 3: “The Assassination Play”
An anonymous entity hires Noir to kill a businessman. However, Mireille and Kirika later discover that their targets were also hired to kill them. Back in the apartment, the duo speculates the connection between this and Kirika’s fake documents.

Episode 4: “The Sound of Waves”
Mireille and Kirika travel to Ulgia with the objective of eliminating Atride Corporation’s top executives. However, Atride receives a tip about Noir’s location, and immediately sends the military to kill them.

Episode 5: “Les Soldats”
Mireille and Kirika’s investigation continues. After a firefight against a group of men, Mireille deduces that their enemy is called Les Soldats. Moreover, Mireille reveals some of her past to Kirika.

Episode 6: “Lost Kitten”
Noir travels to Russia with the objective of assassinating Yuri Nazarov, an ex KGB agent responsible for the massacre of the Tashkil minority. The duo then learns something unexpected about their target, which tests their fortitude as assassins.

Episode 7: “The Black Thread of Fate”
While on an assignment in the Middle East, Kirika gets wounded and the duo misses their rendezvous with a helicopter. With Kirika injured, Noir is captured by the enemy, but later manages to escape.

Episode 8: “Intoccabile Act 1”
Noir eliminates a leading member of the Cosa Nostra. The mafia retaliates by summoning the Intoccabile, one of Sicily’s best killers. Kirika defeats two of them, but Mireille freezes after meeting Silvana.

Episode 9: “Intoccabile Act 2”
Noir follows Silvana to Sicily. There, Kirika kills Paolo and Dominic, despite having injuries herself. Meanwhile, Mireille struggles to defeat the person she had feared since childhood, Silvana.

Episode 10: “The True Noir”
Noir accepts a contract to kill a policeman and judge, but an unknown assassin eliminates their target for them. Later, it is revealed to be Chloe, who claims herself to be the real Noir.

Episode 11: “Moonlit Tea Party”
Mireille and Kirika are contacted by an old man working for Les Soldats. However, Chloe kills him after having divulged some information to the duo. Later, Chloe visits Noir in their apartment.

Episode 12: “Assassination Mission”
Chloe gets assigned to eliminate a former German general working for Les Soldats, General Reimann. Reimann reveals his past to Chloe, before allowing her to complete her assignment.

Episode 13: “Season of Hell”
Noir is attacked by one of Mireille’s former enemies, Christian Galle. Later, Christian attacks Kirika, but kills her good friend Milosh instead. That evening, Noir kills Galle.

Episode 14: “A Bouquet of Flowers for Mireille”
Mireille is reunited with his uncle Claude Feyder, who had been living elsewhere until now. Later, Claude reveals that he is working for Les Soldats, and that he is assigned to eliminate Kirika.

Episode 15: “The Cold-Blooded Killer Act 1”
Mireille and Kirika return to their apartment, and finds a signed contract by Les Soldats. They are tasked to go to Taiwan, and eliminate a target named Shaoli. They are shortly joined in the mission by Chloe.

Episode 16: “The Cold-Blooded Killer Act 2”
Mireille is captured by Shaoli and the Triad. However, Kirika and Chloe manages to defeat the Triad, although Shaoli manages to escape. Later, Chloe kills Shaoli despite the latter had killed a double agent as a gift for Les Soldats.

Episode 17: “Return to Corsica”
Mireille decides to return to her homeland, Corsica. There, she investigates why her parents were murdered, and discovers that they were members of Les Soldats. Later, Chloe tells Mireille is the True Noir, and that she should not prevent her from discovering her true identity.

Episode 18: “The Darkness Within Me”
Bothered by what Chloe had revealed to her, Mireille asks Kirika to part ways with her temporarily. While alone, Kirika is approached by a man who claims to have great information about Les Soldats. Chloe then warns her that Mireille’s life is in danger.

Episode 19: “Two Hands of the Soldats”
Mireille and Kirika continue their search for the mysterious book mentioned by the previous man who approached Kirika.

Episode 20: “The Sin Within the Sin”
High-ranking members who are against Altena’s vision sends out an attack on Mireille and Kirika. Later, Chloe shoots Kirika, which triggers her past memories.

Episode 21: “Morning Without Dawn”
Kirika learns that she was the assassin who killed Mireille’s family. She runs away, and is met by Mireille in a cemetery. Kirika asks Mireille to kill her, but the latter refuses to do so.

Episode 22: “Journey’s End”
Kirika wakes up and finds herself in a rural village.

Episode 23: “Sentiments for the Remaining Flower”
Mireille is approached by Remy Breffort, who invites her to his faction opposing Altena. Later, Mireille finds Kirika’s letter for her, and is overwhelmed by Kirika’s sentiments. She then decides to save Kirika from the Manor. Meanwhile, Kirika arrives in the Manor, and Altena welcome her “home”.

Episode 24: “Dark Return”
Altena and Chloe prepare Kirika for the revival of Noir.

Episode 25: “The Depth of Hell’s Fire”
Mireille arrives to save Kirika from the Manor, but is met with Kirika firing her gun. Kirika is torn between her relationship with Mireille, and her destiny to become Noir.

Episode 26: “Birth”
Kirika chose to be with Mireille, and they kill Chloe. Now having a clear goal, the duo turns their sights on their final target, Altena.

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