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Asura Cryin' [TV]

Asura Cryin'
Plot Summary

A semi-serious anime wherein Tomoharu Natsume is your average high-school student but with an exception: he is being followed everywhere by Misao, his ghost best friend. Misao died three years ago in an airplane accident with Tomoharu barely surviving the accident.

As he became a high school student, Tomoharu starts to live on his own in a dorm called Meiou-tei. Because of being somewhat independent and away from his mother, who recently remarried, he starts to enjoy his carefree high school life. His life starts to get complicated after he was given a mysterious case and gets invaded by several groups of people. The contents of the case still unknown, Tomoharu tries to escape them with Misao.

The story continues as Tomoharu tries to know about the secret of the trunk, Misao’s connection with it, and its influence on the world.

About the Show

Asura Cryin’ is a school action story written by Gakuto Mikumo. It was produced by the Seven Arcs studio and directed by Keizo Kusakawa. The first season has 13 episodes which aired from April 2, 2009, until June 25, 2009. A second season was made soon after and started to air on October 1, 2009.

Season Summary

Episode 1: “Mechanical Demon God”
A flashback of the accident that killed Misao and almost killed Tomoharu is first shown. An unknown girl approaches him on his first day in his dorm and gives him a silver case, which is said to be entrusted to him by his brother. Not long after, Tomoharu and Misao gets attacked by various people who seek the ‘Asura Machina’ and ‘Extractor’.

Episode 2: “The Issue on the Destroyed Future”
The next day, Shuri tells Tomoharu and Misao all about the Royal Dark Society. Later, while visiting his new landlord, Tomoharu runs into Takatsuki. Takatsuki’s father soon arrives and after just learning from Takatsuki that she was the one who broke into his room in the previous evening, things get awkward as he faces her father. The First Student Council President, named Saeki Reishirou who is also one of the people who raided his home, also confronts Tomoharu.

Episode 3: “The Stained Shadow of the Light of Science”
Learning of her involvement with Tomoharu, Takatsuki gets put into trial and then sentenced to death after getting captured by Saeki. With this happening, Tomoharu rushes to take the Asura Machina and rescue Takatsuki from Saeki. But, after learning that the case is empty, he soon relies on Shuri’s help.

Episode 4: “The Feelings of Losing your Destination”
To investigate reports of a terrorizing mysterious creature, the science club heads to the area getting terrorized, which is called Lake Tobi. Not knowing that two other students are in search of the creature. They soon learn that the mysterious creature is, in fact, a familiar that was abandoned by Mahiwa, one of the students also in search for the creature. The science club then sets out to reunite the two.

Episode 5: “Intersecting Hearts and Bodies”
Tomoharu finds a wet and blood-coated Shuri unconscious in front of his house, days before his mid-term exams. Held tightly in her hand, is another silver case. Tomoharu takes her inside while trying to avoid his neighbors. Shuri is a different person after she wakes, stating that her name is Yukari. To look for clues, Tomoharu and Misao heads to the old church where Shuri was living at.

Episode 6: “Sacrifices of Darkness”
Tomoharu comes down with a cold and Shuri gets her memories back. But then, the Former Student Council President and the Kanto Student Union Guardian Dragoon Yo goes after Shuri’s stabilizer. Shuri and Kanade fight back. They soon discover that Yo is a strong enemy. Shuri faces Yo to try and buy time until Tomoharu recovers. They are soon forced to flee.

Episode 7: “Dream that was Dispersed Into the Cruel Sky”
Misao becomes visible after they finished with the installation of the stabilizer. Misao adapts well to life as a school girl but Tomoharu gets worried that she might not be able to hide her incorporeal nature. An exploration of a set of strange ruins is conducted by Haruna and Susugihara, in search for the Caster Machina.

Episode 8: “Ruling Maiden of Calamity”
Takatsuki gets forced to move in with Tomoharu because of the appearance of a large creature that attacks demons. Shuri arrives soon after with Ania, a young demon, which also goes under Tomoharu’s protection. But because of Ania being a Luck-Eater, she unintentionally causes misfortune to happen to Tomoharu and his friends. Things get complicated after they learn something about Ania’s sister, Kristina.

Episode 9: “Unexisting Being, Forbidden Being”
An Asura Crying shows itself while Reishirou attempts to stop the leader of the demon hunts, he then explains that Tomoharu is in danger. However, Tomoharu faces off with the Asura Crying because he has sworn to protect Ania.

Episode 10: “Connecting the Chains of Time”
Ania got kidnapped and Tomoharu, together with Misao, Shuri and Takatsuki, race to rescue her. Ania learns of Kagakagari’s plan to sacrifice the demons in the city to lift the Asura Machina’s curse. Tomoharu and the others arrive but they soon see that the ceremony has already started.

Episode 11: “The Ordinary and Extraordinary That is Here With Us”
A class trip to Hawaii gets prepared by the second years. A party in memory of Ania’s death gets hosted by Reishirou and, Tomoharu and Misao attends. The party featured an unusual performance competition in which everybody takes part on.

Episode 12: “Till the End of Time”
Tomoharu accidentally comes across a Plug-In for the Asura Machina, as Shuri and Reishirou enjoy their school trip in Hawaii. He gets attacked by Kagakagari, who also wants the device. Because of the attack made, Tomoharu gets forced to break his promise of not using Kurogane to counter Kagakagari’s attacks.

Episode 13: “The Mark of the Accursed Sinner”
In exchange for the Igniter, a plane full of people gets hostaged by Kagakagari. However, the lives of the people get endangered as the exchange soon turns violent. Tomoharu then comes up with a dangerous plan to save everyone involving the use of Kurogane. What does he plan to do next?

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