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Nabari No Ou [TV]

Nabari No Ou
Plot Summary

Nabari no Ou follows the story of a 14-year-old boy named Rokujou Miharu. Cold and apathetic, Miharu is the bearer of the Shinrabanshou, a powerful technique coveted by many ninja clans. The Grey Wolves, a ninja clan that will do anything to further their own interests, have now their sights on Miharu and the Shinrabanshou.

Despite his apathy, Miharu is forced to seek protection to ensure his survival. His classmate Kouchi, and English teacher Kumohira have both vowed to protect him, until he is ready to become the ruler of Nabari.

About the Show

Nabari no Ou is an anime adaptation of the action-supernatural manga series under the same name, written and illustrated by Yukhi Kamatani. Produced by J.C. Staff under the direction of Kunihisa Sugishima, Nabari no Ou aired a total of 26 episodes spanning from April 6, 2008, to September 28, 2008.

Season Summary

Episode 1: “The Awakened One”
Miharu Rokujou discovers that he possesses the Shinra Banshou, after surviving an attack from a ninja without much effort. Tobari pledges his loyalty and service to Miharu, and tells him that the Kairoushuu clan is after the Shinra Banshou.

Episode 2: “Raimei Arrives”
A samurai from the Fuuma Village named Raimei Shimizu has arrived, with the objective of testing the bearer of the Shinra Banshou. Despite her initial disappointment, she later learns that Miharu only wishes to avoid hurting other people.

Episode 3: “Surprise Attack”
The group arrives at Fuuma Village and finds it under attack by the Kairoushuu clan, who are after the village’s kinjutsushou – Tenpenka. The four immediately rush to protect the village, but loses to Yoite’s Kira.

Episode 4: “Duty Declared”
Kairoushuu clan leaves from the Fuuma Village with the Tenpenka. Kotarou concocts a plan to steal the kinjutsushou from the other clan, while Tojuro also does the same.

Episode 5: “Greed”
Miharu, Kouichi, and Raimei set out to destroy Banten Village’s kinjutsushou but does not succeed. Meanwhile, Kotarou tests the strength of Tobari’s ninjutsu. Later, Yoite appears to Miharu, after knock both Kouichi and Raimei unconscious.

Episode 6: “Choices”
Yoite takes Miharu away and orders him to use his power to change the past. Miharu is given three choices: remove the Shinra Banshou; use the Shinra Banshou for his own gain, or to help Yoite.

Episode 7: “A Mind Made Up”
Yae Oda, president of Fog Blue Corporation and leader of Togakushi Village, approaches Banten Clan for an assassination. As a reward, he offers Izuna Shingan, the kinjusushou of their village.

Episode 8: “A Mind Passed Along”
Yukimi and Yoite stops the assassination, with Miharu as hostage. Miharu’s friends arrive, forcing Yoite to carelessly use Kira. Miharu uses his power to save his friends. Later, Kato is revealed to be a Fuuma clan spy, and is exiled from his village.

Episode 9: “Prelude”
Kouichi is sent to watch over Raimei, in case she does anything drastic. Meanwhile, Miharu learns from Tobari that eventually, he will use Shinra Banshou to help Yoite. Later, Raiko attacks Raimei.

Episode 10: “Polka – Raimei and Raiko”
Raiko manages to fatally wound Raimei, and takes Kurogamon, her sword, with him. Meanwhile, Yoite tells Miharu to bring him the Engetsurin and Izuna Shingan kinjutsushou, and reminds him that he still holds his friends live’s hostage.

Episode 11: “Curtain Call”
Raimei recovers from her wounds and plans to retrieve her sword from Raiko. She returns to where they last fought, and sees Raiko there. A fight ensues. As Raiko was about to finish off Raimei, Gau jumps between them and gets slashed.

Episode 12: “Determination”
Raimei tells Miharu that she will help him with his promise to Yoite. Later, the Banten clan and the Kairoushuu clan receive an invitation to an academy located in Kouga Village. Miharu, Raiko, Yukimi, and Yoite then make their way to the academy.

Episode 13: “The Schoolhouse That Never Sleeps”
The Banten and Kairoushuu clan arrives at Alya Academy, and is welcomed by its students. Later that night, the students of the academy attack them.

Episode 14: “The Depths of the Night”
Yoite is injured and escapes alongside Miharu. The Daya’s ability is said to be capable of curing anyone, given that the flesh of young ninjas is provided. Later, Miharu’s Shinra Banshou awakens after Yoite is stabbed by Shijima.

Episode 15: “A Morning of Partings”
Miharu tries to save Yoite, but is knocked unconscious by Tobari. Later, the principal of Alya Academy entrusts the Daya to Shijima, who then later entrusts it to Miharu.

Episode 16: “A Visitor from Afar”
Kouichi reveals to Raimei and Tobari that he is immortal. Meanwhile, Miharu and Yoite visit Hanabusa to discover the location of the Engetsurin.

Episode 17: “Moment of Collapse”
Raimei informs Kouichi that she is helping Miharu in obtaining the Engetsurin. Suddenly, Yukimi appears and attacks them. Raimei leads him to the school, where they encounter Tobari.

Episode 18: “A Voice Calling Out”
Yoite is taken to the hospital, after the rapid deterioration of his health. Miharu overhears from the doctor that Yoite has only 1 month left to live. Yoite uses Kira on Gau before leaving.

Episode 19: “Profile of an Angel of Death”
Miharu and Yoite go to meet Yae at Togakushi Village, hoping to find a way to use Shinra Banshou without the Engetsurin.

Episode 20: “Toward Togakushi”
The Shinra Banshou tells Yae and Miharu that she refuses to grant their wish to save Yoite, as it is not what they truly desire. Meanwhile, the Tattegami arrives to destroy the Fog Blue Corporation.

Episode 21: “Ambition”
Yoite wakes up and finds himself in an unknown place. Meanwhile, Raiko and Gau work their way to help free Miharu and Yoite from the Tattegami.

Episode 22: “Chaos”
Miharu and Yoite encounter the Tattegami while trying to escape, and is immediately attacked. Kouchi, Raimei, and Gau arrive to provide reinforcement.

Episode 23: “Activation”
Miharu and Yoite are brought to Hattori by Yukimi. Meanwhile, Kouichi, Raimei, and Gau are attacked by the Kairoushuu ninja.

Episode 24: “Engetsurin”
Miharu begins to believe that the death and destruction that have happened are his fault. The Shinra Banshou then awakens.

Episode 25: “Two”
Miharu’s deceased mother, Asahi, appears in his consciousness and asks him to suppress the Shinra Banshou. Miharu then wakes up and finds himself in a hospital bed.

Episode 26: “Heart to Heart”Yoite realizes that he is valuable to Miharu and his friends, and decides to live his life happily. Later, Miharu finds Yoite’s body dissolving into the air.

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