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Guyver The Bioboosted Armor [TV]

Guyver The Bioboosted Armor
Plot Summary

A world controlled by a sinister brotherhood who hide their fangs behind masks of humanity, known as the Chronos Corporation. While investigating a mysterious explosion near his school, Sho Fukamachi happens upon the Chronos Corporation’s Greatest weapon: a techno organic suit of bio armor known as “the Guyver.” But Chronos is determined to conceal their secrets at any cost. Sho soon finds himself relentlessly pursued by its army of horrific bio monsters. With nowhere to run, Sho is forced to call upon the fearsome power of the Guyver and rip his opponents limb from limb in a desperate struggle for survival.

About the show

Guyver: The Bioboosted Armor is written by Yoshiki Takaya, the 12 episodes of the series were aired in a span of 3 years. But only 12 were aired until 1992. Until it had a remake on August 6, 2005, and it finished airing on February 18, 2006.

Season Summary

Episode 1: “The Amazing Bioboosted Armor”
A group of mysterious men killed two officers and is actually Zoanoids made by the Chronos Organization. The three stole Guyver Units from the organization and is being pursued. Malmot a Zoanoid had an encounter with the Chronos Organization, after the encounter the units got scattered through the area, Sho and Tetsuro found one and Sho activated it becoming Guyver I.

Episode 2: “Secret Organization Cronos”
Tetsuro got suspected to know where the Guyver is. Chronos sent two Zoanoids disguised as Police officers to interrogate Tetsuro but Sho followed them. Sho uses the Guyver and fought the Zoanoids. Vamore appears in front of Sho with two laser turrets on his shoulder. But Sho manages to shatter it by the Guyver’s Mega-Smasher. Lisker a Chronos officer got merge with another Guyver.

Episode 3: “Inspector Lisker”
Sho being chased by the Chronos organization got intercepted by other troops again. Sho uses the Guyver unit and defeated them easily. But another Zoanoid reveals his face named Synevite. He gave Sho a hard time but show discovered a new power of the Guyver, the High-Frquency Blades. With those he easily defeated synevite. Lisker the Guyver II fought Sho to take the Guyver I back.

Episode 4: “Visitor Of The Dusk”
Lisker and Sho fought each other; Lisker had the upper hand and told Sho that he is better in fighting. Sho had no chance of winning. But luckily the damaged filter metal on the Guyver II malfunctioned from the damage it took, giving the chance for Tetsuro and Sho to escape. A head of Chronos Japan showed up named Commander Richard Guyot. He summoned Hyper-Zoanoid Zerbubuth, Sho and Tetsuro encountered the Zoanoids and Zerbubuth in school giving them a difficult time.

Episode 5: “The Third Shadow”
Sho and Tetsuro found out that the previous incident was covered up to be a terrorist attack. An ex-head of chromos Japan named Genzo Makashima and Agito Makashina’s foster father is punished by able to process as a Zoanoid. While Sho and Tetsuro were at a café, a Zoanoid named Noskov and Myumelzee confronts them letting Sho use his Guyver and fought them. Noskov failed and escapes but encountered Guyver III.

Episode 6: “The End Of A Deadly Battle…”
A Hyper-Zoanoid called ENZYME was introduced by Guyot, the sole purpose of this Zoanoid is to retrieve the Guyver unit. Sho and Tetsuro were attacked by ENZYME in Mt. Narasawa where they looked for information about the Guyver.

Episode 7: “Miracle Of Supreme Cell”
Enzyme defeated Guyver I and Tatsuro were captured by Cronos. Guyot explains the plan of Cronos in dominating the whole world during X-day. The scientist is observing Guyver I Control Medal and Guyver II made a deal with the scientists and watches over Guyver I as it regenerates.

Episode 8: “The Shaking Skyscraper”
Tetsuro and Guyver I met while it’s still causing chaos in Cronos, they wake up Sho, and by Disabling the “SDM” of Guyver I. Guyver III is close to achieving his goal to eradicate Cronos. While Guyot explains everything about the creators of mankind to Sho and Tetsuro.

Episode 9: “Ashes And Chasing Memories”
Cronos Japan was eradicated, but Sho still has doubts about being him. He suspects that he is just a clone made by Guyver I. Agito met Guyot who was known to be dead. A Hyper-Zoanoid named Panadyne encountered Sho and Tetsuro, Sho had a hard time defeating and it cost it his home.

Episode 10: “Prelude Of The Chase”
Guyot told Agito a new plan to capture Guyver I, but Agito left the room for a while and comes back as Guyver III and fought Guyot. Sho’s secret is now exposed and got his family involved in his problem. His father, Mizuki, and Tetsuro got kidnapped by Cronos. Sho successfully defeated Cronos with the help of Masaki Murakami.

Episode 11: “Relic’s Point”
After the battle with the lost unit where Sho won with the helped of Murakami, Sho and Murakami went to Mt. Minakami to rescue his father and the Segawa Siblings. Agito showed the prisoners his true identity and set them free. Now our heroes encountered the Hyper-Zoanoid Team 5 with Dr. Balcus and Guyot who know the identity of Agito.

Episode 12: “Respective Decisions”
During the fierce fight with the Elite Hyper-Zoanoid Team 5 Guyver III and his friends manages to escape but of the Zoanoid Team named ZX-Tole manages to abduct Sho’s Father and another Zoanoid named Elegen manages to disable Sho’s armor. They took shelter at Agito’s hideout where they met Shizu, Agito’s childhood friend.

Episode 13: “The Tragic Enzyme II”
Guyver I and Guyver II made their way to Mt. Minakami with minimal interference. They are successful in saving Sho’s father and escaped. However, Hyper-Zoanoid ZX-Tole, Elegen and Thancrus stopped Guyver III from rendezvousing with Sho and his father. Dr. Balcus made Sho’s father transform into Hyper-Zoanoid ENZYME II and made them fight each other but Sho got defeated by his father. Guyver I activated its self-defense mode.

Episode 14: “Escape In The Rain”
The hideout was discovered by Cronos, the team is forced to leave it, while escaping Tetsuro explains everything about Sho’s regenerative powers. They were being chased by Enzyme II, Guyver III and Guyver I armor tried to fight him but they got overpowered. Murakami is the only one left to fight.

Episode 15: “Guyot Strikes”
Murakami told everything about the mankind’s past. The creators, who experimented with human life to make bio-weapons, Murakami also told them about the Zoalords and the Guyver’s origin and goal. Meanwhile, Guyot manages to find the rest of the group and attacks them.

Episode 16: “The Awakened Guyver I”
A huge explosion happened, and Sho and Mizuki returned back to the place where their friends are. A huge hole was made from the blast, and inside it is Guyot covered with rubbles. Sho is puzzled why he can’t transform into a Guyver, but Aptom, in form of Guyver III explains it to him. Now Sho needs to take courage to transform to save Mizuki.

Episode 17: “The Nightmare Encircling Net”
Sho and Aptom had a very tough and close fight, but Sho won the fight and he quickly returned to Mizuki who is worried about him. Mizuki felt relieved seeing him return. Aptom, recovered from the past fight, by absorbing Elegan. Sho and Mizuki found a town full of Zoanoids but Sho didn’t kill any of them. But Guyver III killed them all.

Episode 18: “Vibration”
Our heroes Sho, Mizuki, and Agito returned back to Mt. Minakami where their friends are. They rush towards an underground lab of ex-Cronos scientists who are planning to rebel. As the team rejoices in their reunion, Tetsuro told them how they’ve managed to escape from Guyot. Murakami is recovering through an Advent Ship name the “relic”.

Episode 19: “The Night Before The Strike”
Sho and Agito prepare to enter the “relic”. The great twelve Zoalords discusses about Richard Guyot, Archanfel deals with the problem. Murakami told everyone that he only have one more transformation. Mizuki starts to worry that she maybe only a hindrance to them. They devised a plan to revive the “Relic”.

Episode 20: “The Advents’ Ship”
One of the ex-scientists called Chief Odagiri explained how Cronos obtained the Guyver Units. Agito and Sho rush to the Relic and looked for the storage where units are being stored. Sho connects to the Relic, and learns a lot of information about the Advents and the very first Guyver (Guyver Zero). Sho found out that he can control the Relic. Meanwhile, Archanfel still interrogates Guyot about the Remover but Guyot keeps insisting.

Episode 21: “Chaos at Relics Point”
Aptom, keeps on absorbing Zoanoids to maximize his power, he already absorbed Gaster and Darzerb, ZX-Tole faces Aptom and he is succeeded in absorbing part of ZX-Tole’s body as ZX-Tole is escaping. Guyot fought Archanfel with his remaining power.

Episode 22: “Countdown of Destruction”
Guyot successfully sealed Archanfel using his Black Hole attack, with the help of Balcus in sealing the rift. Agito’s Guyver was removed from him because of Guyot using the remover to him. Murakami fought Guyot but when Murakami was going to get hit by Guyot’s attack Chief Odagiri blocked it and saved him which became the reason he died, Murakami got so pissed and enraged. Murakami gave his best to defeat Guyot.

Episode 23: “Beam of Annihilation”
Murakami successfully landed an attack to Guyot but it only made a dent and wasn’t enough to take him down. Guyot grabs the weak Murakami and tears his arm and killed him. Sho left the Relic to face Guyot. Both Guyver I and III attempted to fight against Archanfel with their mega-smashers, but they were powerless against him.

Episode 24: “At the Town Under Oppression”
Some time has passed since the Mt. Minakami incident. X-Day has already taken place, leaving Cronos the rulers of the world. A year after the events of X-Day, life seems normal other than the fact that Zoanoids are among the population. Tetsuro, Mizuki, Yohei Onuma, and Shizu Onuma are in hiding in an apartment, unknowing that Aptom is watching over them. They begin to doubt Sho is still alive. Balcus is working on a particular Zoanoid to defeat Aptom.

Episode 25: “The Quickening Chrysalis”
Cronos scientists are seen with a large cocoon-shaped object in their lab but are soon interrupted by Guyver III. He is leading a group called the Zeus Thunderbolt against the Cronos corporation. Guyver III recollects his memories of the aftermath of the battle against Archanfel, which led to their apparent deaths. Sho sacrificed himself and manages to save everyone. In the present, a recovered and renewed ZX-Tole attacks Aptom and the two face off. Aptom’s attacks are useless against Neo ZX-Tole.

Episode 26: “Advent!! Gigantic Bio-Boost”
Tetsuro and company notice Aptom’s fight with Neo ZX-Tole and that Aptom is defending them. Guyver III arrives along with a large cocoon. He explains that Sho is inside the cocoon. Guyver III then faces Neo ZX-Tole, but is powerless against him. The fight goes badly until the cocoon opens up. A gigantic figure emerges from inside. The figure faces and annihilates Neo ZX-Tole with ease. After the battle, the figure splits open to reveal Guyver I (Sho), whom deactivates his armor and collapses into Mizuki’s arms, welcoming Sho back home.

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