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Dai-Guard [TV]

Plot Summary

You know how it is. The alarm rings on a drab Monday morning. The subway is packed with people on their way to work. You walk in under the florescent lights and try to catch up with all the paperwork you have left over from the week before. Then your boss tells you that he needs you to finish filing the expense reports ASAP. Then the copier breaks down. Then the computer goes on the fritz! Then you can’t find the Emergency Expenditure File! Then a horible monster appears and tries to demolish half of Tokyo!
Join Akagi, Ibuki, and Aoyama as they battle their way through hordes of raging Heterodyne, a mysterious creature bent on destruction, and the Board of Directors, a slightly less mysterious but far more annoying foe. Find out what happens when the need to save the world from certain crushing has to be weighed against the rising cost of robot repair. Discover the horror of coming face to face with certain death… and the consequences of misplaceing the insurance policy memo. Because in the world of Dai-Guard, the work day can begin with a busted fax machine and end with the loss of a major metropolis.

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